Emerging Research Underscores the Need To Boost the Body’s Natural Defense System
We’re learning more about COVID-19 every day, and slowly but surely, we’re building our arsenal of attack against this vicious and deadly disease.
While vaccines are gradually rolling out across the nation, scientists are continuing to research the body’s immune response in an effort to give all of us the best possible information and support. And it appears that our very own cells, when properly boosted, may hold the key to fighting and ultimately killing COVID-19.
According to news from the National Institutes of Health last year, a recent scientific study found that “T Cells play an important role in the ability of our immune systems to fight many viral infections, including COVID-19.”
Many other prominent health and science news outlets, including CNN Health, The Scientist, and Medical News Today, made similar declarations. After analyzing the latest research, the team at Bloomberg Technology said T Cells “are what ultimately subdue and blunt the pandemic virus.”
But what are T Cells? And what do they need to do their jobs?
In the simplest terms, T Cells are white blood cells that attack foreign or infectious cells that would otherwise make us sick. They originate in our bone marrow, play an essential role in our immune response, and require high amounts of energy to be as effective as possible. The energy source they depend on for optimal protection of our health is creatine.
As reported by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) at the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) National Library of Medicine (NLM), doctors are now investigating creatine as a key nutrient to help severely ill COVID patients recover from pulmonary distress and lingering breathing problems.
They recognize that creatine is extremely important to fuel cells to fight and recover from corona viruses.
Many more doctors and scientists have noted the connection between creatine and immune strength, as creatine is necessary for increasing all cellular energy (which is ultimately needed for killing bad cells). Dr. Lili Yang, a prominent researcher at UCLA’s Department of Immunology and Molecular Genetics, has specifically shown that creatine boosts T Cells in their fight against diseases. Unfortunately, our bodies only make half the creatine we need for good health – the other half is supposed to come from our diet, but modern nutrition intake alone usually does not make up the difference. This often means that supplements are needed for optimizing our cellular defenses and overall health.
In fact, in a recent survey of available immune-boosting products, the only one that contains creatine to boost T Cells is Promera Health’s IMMUNE SUPPORT. Additionally, that product uniquely has an ingredient (Alpha-GEE®) to help promote a healthy inflammation response. One of the main conditions reported by doctors as making COVID-19 so dangerous is hyper inflammation, causing intense systemic/bronchial inflammation that can be difficult to control in advanced cases; hence so many sick people being on ventilators.
We have faced an incredible new challenge this past year, and we’re in a moment of great hope and possibility with this emerging knowledge that we may have what we need already inside of us.
We just have to support our immune systems better. When boosted through science-backed supplementation, we have a real chance to win this pandemic war against this viral enemy.