Ways Women Leaders Are Improving Corporate America

While women in the workforce have evolved and gained ground over the years, national statistics indicate there still exists a large gender-biased gap at the top. In fact, women account for only 6.4% of the CEOs leading Fortune 500 companies....

From Surviving the Bosnian War

To Making $500M In Real Estate


Sci-Fi Inspired Clothing Aims To Simplify Women’s Lives

Moving seamlessly from the gym to the office is a relatable nuisance most women can understand. Save showing up to work in a sports bra, we often have to be quick-change artists, moving from one setting to the other,

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This Woman Is Teaching

One Billion Children How to Code

One of the most common job openings, in tech, is for software developers: full-stack, front or back end, junior or senior, and the only thing that matters is trying to level demand with supply.

A lot of industry people believe that a key part of the solution is to treat software development education like teaching a foreign language-by starting much earlier than high school or college.


Extraordinarily Empowering Facebook Groups for Women

If you’re not already addicted to Facebook’s “groups” feature, you need to be — groups are nothing short of life changing and will transform your ho-hum newsfeed ....

This Year’s Stunning Female Rebellions

Against the On-Screen Oppressor

In The Age of “Influence”

Are Fashion Magazines Relevant?

If a high fashion editorial runs in a magazine but no one sees it, did it even happen? In a world where influencers have become the new trendsetters, the question of where fashion....

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How Being a Nude Model

Shed Me Of My Anxiety

In my last semester of college, I decided to become a nude model for an art class. I was only taking a few credit hours and worked evenings at a liquor store, but I was looking for another part-time job during the day to make some extra cash.

I stumbled upon an opening for a nude model for a Life Drawing class. It fit with my schedule and paid $11 an hour. So I signed up, not realizing how I would be getting a lot more from this experience than just a paycheck....

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