As the largest organ in the body, the importance of the skin can be taken for granted. Besides functioning as a protective barrier from the environment, it is also the basis for the sense of touch. It is through the skin that physical feeling and sensation can be experienced while also playing an integral role in establishing a connection with another human. The skin presents the mask and persona of an individual, informing others of his possible ethnicity, genealogy, and even personality. Its determining factors in one’s attractiveness are also not the least important, with a whole culture transforming the skincare routine into a ritual of the highest form.
Do-It-Yourself Biology — otherwise known as biohacking — too has shot up in popularity in recent years. This is partly influenced by the boom in the wellness industry, with self-care and personal development ranking high among modern consumerist motivation while also taking into consideration the accessibility of embedded technology and genetic enhancements. The applications of biohacking can range from preventing disease and improving brain function to addressing a detrimental habit or losing weight. Different biohackers have hence emerged for these specific causes, with bio-punks like Elon Musk developing brain microchips for AI-human symbiosis and nutrigeomicists producing supplements and low-calorie foods for optimal body performance. Skincare and anti-aging are not excluded from this list.
Many argue that the human body isn’t a simple system to be hacked, however, and choose to encourage sustainable practices that are more natural. Sleep, water intake, and a nutritious diet make up the basic necessities for the picture of health, after which self-improvement has yet no bounds.
As beauty continues to drive the self-esteem of the world, biohacking youthfulness and radiance into the skin has met minimal opposition. When the biohacks are as painless and non-intrusive as the following, it could even feel as though they aren’t even hacking at all!

1. Natural Facial Masks

Hack not just your skincare routine but also your kitchen by taking a quick inventory of what skin-enriching items you have lying around and make a homemade face mask in minutes. This can be as uncomplicated as spreading slightly damp oatmeal as an exfoliant or a spoonful of honey across your skin. Both ingredients are rich in anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial properties, which can clear away dead skin cells and target acne-causing germs.
For inflammation and discoloration, try turmeric with a few drops of milk. Brides-to-be in India swear by this practice, applying this brightening and smoothening mask daily until their wedding day — and long after. Be careful not to wear anything light-colored, though, because turmeric can stain clothing and other surfaces.
Another thing that you can do is save the coffee grounds from your morning cup, add in a little virgin coconut oil, and dab this invigorating concoction under your eyes and the area around your nose. This reduces redness, puffiness and pours skin-tightening nutrients from the caffeine into your face. Keep it on for up to 15 minutes, and maybe have it with a glass of Chardonnay — to hack some extra relaxation and pleasure into this session, not just for your skin but your overall disposition!

2. Facial Massage

Using your fingers, press into your cheekbones up towards your temples. Trace your eyebrows with some weight and allow your hands to travel down the bridge of your nose to the plateau underneath your eyes. These are just some of the pressure points that Traditional Chinese Medicine practices such as reflexology and acupuncture identify for the detoxification of organs and improvement of blood circulation.
Facial massages have been known to not only make you feel good but make you look good as well. Some people choose to have practitioners administer the massage on them, even using tools like the gua sha, which the Chinese believe moves stagnant life-force energy through the face. The result is an unblocked and clear appearance that brings inner radiance to the surface.

3. Home Cryotherapy

Ice bathing is a premium kind of therapy that had caught on among athletes for muscle recovery. Initially, however, it may seem counterintuitive to recuperation because it can trigger extreme stress to the area of the body that makes contact with the freezing cold water. What it actually does is signal the immune system to work towards the area in contact and go overtime — greatly reducing inflammation and releasing tension held in that part of the body. It’s so effective that even Lady Gaga would do it after a high-energy performance on stage.
At home, this procedure can occur in the shower. You can opt to bathe in cold water for at least 5 minutes and pay attention to your breathing as it happens. This builds a practice of self-regulation, allowing you to develop some mindfulness tools that can be used for various personal and social scenarios.
While a full-body cold shower can benefit the entire immune system, applying a piece of ice across the face can also achieve the same effect for youthful and glowing skin. Just as a message travels over pressure points to detoxify the face, ice can provide productive stress with its temperature. Not to mention it can also shrink the pores, making it ideal and easy enough to perform day and night.