Nebedai is not your regular “organic African” skincare product like shea oil or black soap. It is something more. Behind every skincare breakthrough in history, there is always a tiny plant. In this case, we have one with tons of ancestral benefits — Moringa.

What is Moringa? 

Moringa is a plant known for its antioxidizing, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. However, plucking it straight out of the branch will do little to no good to your skin. We had a little chat with someone who took things a bit further with Moringa and developed a robust skincare product. 

Meet Safi: Entrepreneur and Founder of Nededai

A bit of background — Safi Adèle Tshinsele-Van Bellingen is a 32-year old woman originally from East Africa (Rwanda and Congo). She grew up in Europe and eventually decided to settle in Senegal where she discovered the wonders of Moringa oil and founded the brand Nededai which means “never die” in Senegalese-Wolof language. 

Where Did You Learn About Developing Skincare Products?

For our Moringa plant-derived range, we developed a face oil, an oil cleanser, and a spot treatment. I start by discussing the product with the laboratory partner in Senegal responsible for manufacturing. 
Following R&D (Research & Development), the laboratory is able to formulate samples in weeks. Once we have tested and approved the samples based on efficacy, texture, and overall quality of the formulation.  
We send the products to a UK-based lab where they conduct the safety testing, shelf life, and stability of the formulation. Based on the feedback from the laboratory, we will make further changes or approve the formulation. In the background, I develop the packaging for each product with a packaging manufacturer, we go through several samples to get the final packaging. Once the formulation is finalized and approved and the packaging is ready, we will submit all the paperwork so we can sell the products. 

Is Moringa Oil Ideal for Aging Fair Acne-Prone Skin Types?

Moringa oil is particularly good for fast-aging fair skin because it acts as a great emollient. The oil does not only lock in hydration, but it also soothes and gives a smoother complexion. As a rule of thumb, to have healthy skin you want your skin to be smooth, with even tone, firm and hydrated. 
At Nebedai, we aim to develop products that actually address your skin needs regardless of your age, skin color, or gender, your skin needs to remain hydrated and smooth, that’s the only way it will glow.  
There are several misconceptions in skincare, especially around acne-prone skin. One of such is the idea that acne-prone skin should use harsh cleansers that strip all the oil from the skin or exfoliate. This simply is not only untrue, it is unfounded. 
Acne is caused by bacteria and Oil is not necessarily bad for acne-prone skin; Some oils are not good as they can clog pores hence making the person break out even more. On the flip side, some oils are very good for acne-prone skin, Moringa is one of them. 
Not only Moringa is a light, dry oil, it also mimics the sebum of the skin, doesn’t clog pores, and has high antiseptic properties. The antiseptic properties help to fight the bacteria causing acne and after some months, acne-prone skin should see less pimples coming back. The antiseptic properties of Moringa are so powerful that in some remote places that don’t have access to clean water, one of the techniques to clean water is by adding moringa seeds to kill bacteria and clarify the water.   

What Sets Nebedai Apart From Other Facial Oils?

All the products at Nebedai are designed to offer genuine value for money. We are not trying to be gimmicky, the goal is to create essential, simple, and gentle formulations. 
Our face oil and other products follow the idea that people are looking for skincare that is efficient, gentle for the skin, with a nice packaging at a democratic price. Once you try our product most of the time it becomes essential to your skincare routine.
For our face oil (Glow Divin), we picked the best quality of Moringa oil making the product a multipurpose face oil: you can use the oil to fade hyperpigmentation, lock-in hydration, even skin tone and even reduce eczema.

Our Two Cents...

Straight out of the box, Nebedai is a skincare line comprising Cleansing Face Oil, Divine Night Spot Treatment, and Glow Divine Face Oil. The brand provides three winning beauty regimen additions that can’t be done without. 
Nebedai formulates their products with “US” in mind, sparing any hard additives for scent or color. Unlike other skincare products, they have developed a truly powerful skincare formula for a fair price. 


Kimberly Stone