Breakups are often tricky. They usually leave both sides feeling confused regardless of whose decision it was. You might end up feeling lost and empty, even if you thought that this breakup was for the best. After some time of clarity and thinking, you might end up feeling regretful, wondering where it all went wrong. It can be hard to take the step towards winning your ex-girlfriend back, and this is why we are here to tell you what to do and when to do it from a female’s point of view.

When to Attempt Winning Her Back

It is always best if you don’t try to win your ex-girlfriend back right after a breakup. You should give it some time before you attempt to make a move. You both need enough time to heal from the breakup, and heal from whatever caused it. Healing from a breakup doesn’t necessarily mean moving on. It means that you are both less vulnerable and are not likely going to say positive or negative things to each other that are driven purely by emotions. 
You also need time to analyze and process the reasons that led to the breakup. You need to understand your own mistakes, as well as actions of hers that might have annoyed you. You both need time to focus on yourselves and make progress towards nurturing and growing as individuals. You need to learn to rely on your own strengths and pick yourselves up on your own. Most importantly, you need to want to get back to her because you love her, and not because you feel lost and confused. 

How to Win Her Back

Own up to Your Mistakes

Each breakup happens for a reason or several specific reasons. Before you decide that you want to get your ex-girlfriend back, you must spend a lot of time thinking about what happened. You must also identify your mistakes and own up to them. Make it clear to her that you understand what you did wrong. Try your best to recognize her feelings and don’t disregard them. 

Offer Solutions

While she would appreciate you owning up to your mistakes, she might still be worried that nothing will change after getting back together. This is when you should offer solutions to your problems and promise to work on your faults. This is very important because no one wants to go through the same things all over again. Assuring her that you are willing to make a change will make her feel like you really do want her. Let her know that you do not intend on losing her again. 


You should put an effort into your relationship with her. Do not make her feel like she will ever need to put more effort than you do to make your relationship work out. While she might not be your number one priority in life, she should be one of your top priorities. You should make her feel important and loved. You should dedicate some of your time, attention, and affection to her. The reviews over at Get Her Back Guide suggest things you can do to make her feel more important. Let her know that she is part of your future plans in life and that she is a permanent goal of yours. 


You should be able to communicate if you want to get back with her. You must be able to talk about how you feel and be specific about what you want and what you plan to do. If there are things that you believe that she should work on as well, you should speak up about it before getting back together. Spoken words are not the only forms of communication because it is also about being able to understand and validate her words and emotions. Do not in any way mock her for feeling a certain way. Try to understand what she feels, and why she feels it. 

Rebuild Trust

Trust does not need to be rebuilt unless you lied or have done something inexcusable such as cheating, for example. The whole relationship is built on trust. Trust is an integral part of each aspect of a relationship. There is the trust that you can understand each other, that you will be there for each other, that you will help build each other up, trust that you will both put in the effort, and most importantly, trust in the relationship as a whole and that it will work out. She needs to be able to trust that if you get back together, your relationship this time actually stands a chance. 
Before deciding to approach your ex-girlfriend, you have a lot to think about. If you have thought it through, and decided that you want to get back with her, and are willing to do whatever it takes, then this is the place for you. We have put together a small list of things that she would expect from you after giving her the space that she needs. Follow through, and good luck!


Daria Brown