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The Armchair Psychologist Gets An Update!

A woman who wrote about her BF putting his Ex and children before her,and even refusing to spend the night with her, instead spending the night on his ex's couch, wrote us an update. I advised her to consider her option and move on, given that he wasn't open to couple's therapy and the like.

Here is the update: In conclusion, we continued to try to work on being there for each other — physically and to help fulfill each others needs (his need to be there for his son every other weekend (eight hour drive away) and work six days a week and my need to be included in his visits (from time to time) and to spend more quality time in general (because really, the only time we were spending together was Sundays every other week). To me, this was not enough, especially if you are living with that person trying to build a future. There were no solutions being presented. During the week he did not come home until late which meant no quality time together then either. He did not see the problem in this. I could see if this was temporary or if we planned long weekends from time to time or even a vacation, but this is what he wants for his life. To top it off…. his ex is moving to Texas and he decides he is moving there too. C'est la vie…. #heartbroken hope that all makes sense by the way… I am not a very good writer. He has been out for over a month now….sigh, moving on….

Help! I Gave Away Pennies And Got shamed!

Dear Generous Donor,

What a great gift you possess to have compassion for your fellow man/woman and to help someone in need. Homelessness is an epidemic in many American cities and many homeless people come from extremely dire situations where every penny counts. Your friend should quit shaming you and tap into his/her own reasons for feeling guilt, and channel that energy into volunteering at a homeless center!

- The Armchair Psychologist

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