Some people eat to live. On the other hand, there are others who live to eat, and this is the more exciting approach to food. Whichever the case, at some point, you may have wanted to try some different flavors in your food. Which leaves the question, what is a must-try Indian dining experience?
Restaurants, cafes, and other food establishments are thankful for the never-ending curiosity of their customers. Unfortunately, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, several of these food establishments had to close down. Fortunately, there are a few left to cater to the needs of the people, and one of such food businesses to sustain itself is Desi Galli.
Indian cuisine is the proverbial choice for adventurous food lovers. The Desi Galli Restaurant and DG Pantry in New York are responsible for bringing succulent Indian food right to the customer’s doorstep. Thanks to its selection of awe-inspiring dishes, Desi Galli prides itself on being one of the go-to options for people seeking bold tastes. One of its famous sauces to date is the Sambar Kitchen Pizza Pasta Sauce, a unique blend of Western cuisine with a touch of India.

What Chef PriaVanda Is Doing With Sambar Kitchen Ingredients

Chef PriaVanda Chouhan’s clever addition of Sambar Kitchen Pizza Pasta Sauce to her kitchen creations has catapulted the restaurant’s reputation. Her effort is certainly paying off as her menu selection has spread more love for Indian cuisine. But this is not all that Chef PriaVanda is doing with this sauce.
Desi Galli’s love for Sambar Kitchen Pizza Pasta Sauce
Well-loved restaurateur Chef PriaVanda Chouhan holds Sambar Kitchen in such high regard. With her husband, Chef Chouhan is the proud owner of Desi Galli, a quaint and casual restaurant in Manhattan that caters to lovers of South Asian products. For those with a craving for Indian soul food, this spot is the place to be.
In addition, not only is Chef PriaVanda using Sambar Kitchen Pizza Pasta Sauce as an essential product at DG Pantry, but she is doing so in support of alleviating minority and woman-owned food brands. As a woman herself, she values the importance of promoting other women like her who are striving to make it in the same industry.
The power of being an example
In Desi Galli, Chef PriaVanda Chouhan gives your palate the treatment it deserves. Her choice of food products brings a taste of India’s best straight to you. By purchasing flavorful sauces made from the finest quality and all-natural ingredients, Chef Chouhan guarantees a satisfying Indian meal.
Because of her restaurant and pantry’s growing reputation, Chef Chouhan has made it her calling to provide support for other food establishments, including small-time businesses owned by women. In a time where women are just as much needed for balancing the economy, Chef PriaVanda certainly is a beacon of example to others following the same goal.

Try Now!

The array of dishes offered by Desi Galli is sure to entice even the pickiest eater. And with Sambar Kitchen’s Pizza Pasta Sauce, you can be sure that it will leave your palate wanting more. As a woman who has held her restaurant up during a crisis, Chef PriaVanda is undoubtedly letting the world know that woman-owned food brands can do much more than people would think.
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