" The hardest part about forward thinking is understanding that in order to set goals that you aspire to achieve in the future, you need to activate and consistently make use of the present day."
Create a customized success path into 2021 with a series of DIY next steps to pave the way toward a fresh perspective on change and renewal. The hardest part about forward thinking is understanding that in order to set goals that you aspire to achieve in the future, you need to activate and consistently make use of the present day. NOW is the perfect time to get started! The following 4 strategies will support you in fostering a transformational mindset utilizing 10-minute mini actions designed to clarify and reset forward thinking on demand.
1. Expand upon gratitude.
The more you appreciate each day, the more grounded and connected you feel. Gratitude feeds your soul and is an attitude adjustment predicated on a daily practice that builds upon itself.
Flex your gratitude muscle by expanding upon gestures of kindness and thankfulness. Challenge yourself in 2's for 10-minute intervals each day.
Make 2 phone calls, send 2 texts, or pen 2 emails a day that do not influence your bottom line, but simply display thanks and appreciation for a business or person you are associated with. Review your conversations and your responses weekly and track, and then lean into, your gratitude growth.
2. Pivot don't quit.
Pivoting allows for flexibility and change to be a part of your life, eliminating the need to quit on tasks and goals. When you pivot, you move toward something else with intention and mindfulness. Pivoting is forward motion by choice. Conversely, quitting may move you away from something in the moment, but it does not necessarily bring you toward anything else. That is why quitting, which may feel good initially, is often at the root of anger, stress, and feelings of failure that manifest energy dips and overwhelm.
So, if you are feeling trapped and in need of clarity, resist the impulse to quit. Instead, before you give up on something, take 10-minutes to access what you can tweak and change about it.
Create a quick mental chalk board list of what is currently working and successful about this situation, relationship , or goal. Then ask yourself, "How can I stay current with this? What can I  choose to change now?" Make that change. Empower yourself to stay adaptable to decision-making that reflects the present. This simple tweak eliminates ideas that are set in stone in favor of those that more accurately support current shifts in opportunities and authentic self-alignment.
3. Pink flag fear.
Most of us subliminally recognize the subtle signs that something is scaring us long before we react to it. By noticing  where you are making excuses, feeling ominous, or procrastinating, you can significantly alter those feelings and associated behaviors in a positive way.
Next time you feel fearful (and remember fear is a feeling, and as such, it can be adjusted) give yourself a 10-minute time out.
Examine what is causing you stress, or where you are feeling stuck or afraid. Allow your imagination to run wild with that narrative. Write down the worst thing that could happen. That is your red flag. Now toss out your list and rewrite it leading with the outcome you desire. That is your pink flag.  See the shift? Decide on one action step you can take now that gets you 10% closer to what you want to accomplish. Do that thing.
4. Don't cheat on today.
Stop playing a waiting game with yourself. If you are guilty of setting a goal or a dream into motion and then soon after telling yourself that you cannot attain that  goal until something in the future (more time, more money, less responsibility, more visibility) is available to you, then possibly you are cheating on today! When this happens, you may lose sight of your dream waiting for the perfect right time to start. This investment in tomorrow keeps you from empowering today.
Take 10-minutes every morning  to turn tomorrow around and shift your energy toward the 24-hours ahead of you.
Start your day by reviewing the bigger goals you have, then zero in on the one small aspect of each goal that you can actually impact NOW. Steer yourself toward this energy boost with 1-3 do-this-now mini action steps. At the end of the day take 10-minutes to review you progress and stay accountable to your overall goals. Celebrate and lean into your successes. If you don't cheat on today, what does it enable for you tomorrow?


Randi Levin