Cannabis makes you feel good...and hopefully, so does sex!
Add the two together, and I think it is safe to say that you got yourself the perfect match.
Since 2011, I’ve been a pioneer in the business of cannabis. I founded, an online cannabis delivery company based in California, because I was determined to give everyone, no matter where they live in the state, access to a wide variety of high-quality cannabis products. More recently, I created so that people all over the country could easily find hemp-based CBD products to enhance their health.  
I have always been on a mission to normalize cannabis use in everyday life. I have had a mind-blowing time exploring the different uses of cannabis for my family and friends. One of the best benefits I have found, especially for women, is using cannabis to enhance sex.
And this includes CBD products as well.
It’s a no-brainer — to have great sex, it’s optimal to be in a relaxed, happy, and playful state. Getting out of your head and putting your body and sensuality at the forefront of an experience leads to a winning sexual combo every time, and cannabis products deliver just that easily. Not only does the right dose relax your body and prime you for pleasure, but it also frees your emotions, giving you access to a more profound, more soulful experience. Who wouldn’t want that? In this day and age, anything that gives you deep relaxation and pleasure is a win in my book.
One of the great things about cannabis is that it naturally opens the sensory channels of our body, spirit, emotions, and mind.
To survive the daily grind, we have filters that get us through the stresses of everyday life. .
While those filters are helpful for survival, they tend to stifle the innate, rich ability we have to deeply enjoy food, drink, music, nature, art, and of course, sex. These filters significantly hamper the ability to connect with one another easily
Still, cannabis opens up the filters to immerse ourselves in the experience at hand — to really let go and go deep. Music sounds better, food tastes more delicious, colors in nature are brighter, and we see things we might have easily missed.
Most importantly, we can be more open to physical pleasure. The cannabinoid receptors we have in our body link up with the many different cannabinoids in the plant, enabling those filters to open. Naturally, sex or any sensual experience is going to be felt more deeply. I have personally experienced this time and time again.  
A key component of partnering cannabis with sex is finding out the perfect dosage for your particular sensibility.
To achieve this, you have to experiment to find out what dose works best for you. You want to be alert, relaxed, and sensual, so it’s important to try things out and find your optimal amount of cannabis for an extraordinary sexual experience. For edibles and tinctures, this is easy, as they are dosed in milligrams. Personally, I find that 5-7 milligrams enhance my experience just right. At 10 milligrams, I tend to get very sleepy, which is a big no-no for sex! However, I have friends who say that 20 milligrams are their perfect dose. Again, it all depends on you and your particular sensitivities. 
I take a gummy or chocolate for about an hour beforehand. My go-to is Kiva chocolate covered blueberries or these new Rose Delights. Another big fave of mine is the Kiva Camino gummies. The effect usually lasts a couple of hours with edibles, a slow uptake like a wave, and then a pleasant two-hour ride. After that, you get a relaxing curve back to your baseline level. 
If you prefer smoking cannabis, the effect is more immediate, but it’s harder to get an accurate dose and doesn’t last as long. However, it provides a quicker uptake, and you can increase or decrease your dosage more easily. If you experiment, you can hit on the winning combination with smoking or vaping. Smoking is particularly fun to share with your partner as a precursor to getting down to business. 
As a woman, for me, it is all about relaxation. So many women I know have a hard time just letting everything go and enjoying the moment. Being present is the key to satisfying sex, and cannabis helps with that.
For a man, it’s absolutely the same — maybe even more so, as sometimes men take longer to let the outside world go!
Another thing to embrace is the many topicals available to enhance sex, like the Velvet Swing, a cannabis-infused lubricant. The cheeky name “Velvet Swing” refers to the 1940’s euphemism for a good time with a lady. It’s a water-based lubricant that enhances sexual pleasure but doesn’t get you high. But wow, it sure makes everything feel good! I recommended this to a friend who was at a standstill in her sex life with her husband, and after using it, she said it amped up their weekend fun.
If you live in a state that doesn’t have recreational cannabis, I highly recommend Uncle Bud’s Sensual Body Oil. This stuff works, especially for women. At, many CBD products aid in relaxation, including edibles, tinctures, and even hemp-based CBD joints!  
Whether it’s experimenting with an edible, having a quick smoke, or incorporating a topical, you cannot go wrong — using cannabis or hemp-based CBD definitely leads to better sex!


Tara Wells