"Nonprofit Tackles Food Insecurity With Home Farming Kits for City Youth." I was happily intrigued by this piece of news when I saw it, as this article dictated a commitment to ending food insecurity (or just plain starvation, as the starving man would put it), that is refreshing to see, considering my recently published piece on Swaay entitled, Across the American Spectrum: Food Deserts To WNBA Nutrition Plans.
My article detailed the two spectrums in America that we so often see when it comes to everything, extreme wealth and abject poverty, and in this case, it was access to food and healthy nutrition.
The dissonance between these two extremes cultivates the American distress that we all feel and see at times. I am wondering how many people are conscious that, as goes the individual, so goes the country--meaning, just as individuals grow and develop from love and caring attention, so do countries, because all a country is, is, many, many, many individuals, and so our collective experiences become aggregates that move the world and affect the supply and demand systems of the world's resources.
I am talking about energy resources, or drive, the thing that moves us all and keeps us all alive and kicking, and to some, it is called "chi."
I believe that just like each individual has a chi, so do countries, and international chi, as I call it, can be harnessed by countries as individuals can harness their chi--and it really means that we are stronger when we are better, or, the more good that we do, the better will come back to us--and so it encourages the doing of good deeds, promising a compounding effect of them throughout time.
I believe that just like each individual has a chi, so do countries, and international chi, as I call it, can be harnessed by countries as individuals can harness their chi--and it really means that we are stronger when we are better...
It also means that there is strength in numbers, something that we can all say we have proven over and over again. I think America's international chi needs to be strengthened mightily for us to overcome our current throes. Despite the wonder and excitement that some of us feel, there is trepidation in some, and there is an internal weakness that some are trying to exploit for some evil gain.
This internal weakness has been wreaking havoc on all of our lives as we live in this country, and it is the responsible source for all the American ills that I have noticed in recent times. 
I am talking about American racism, and in 2021 because America's "bad" has overshadowed its good on the international stage, our international chi is at the stake of weakening, I would proclaim.
Racism has only functioned to widen America's schisms, which has a weakening impact on America's worldwide good that Donald Trump tried to flare, diminishing it in so doing, as his ignorance of these ancient terms caused him to vaunt like a fool, and set in order a cataclysmic effect where the universe rejected him and his terms, and maybe even America.
Because we are a nation full of schisms, I purport that America is in the danger of being rejected as a whole, as it already is by some communities, which just does not increase the positive vibrations that you would want to have happened with the sound of your name. This means that we have made things harder for America and Americans internationally, as we will sometimes be the target of ill wills and minimization just because we don't seem to agree with the rest of the world.
Hate has an antidote, and it is love, and it is this dismal attitude that some Americans choose to have towards each other that will somehow bring us closer together, I am opining, and I purport that our dunce republican brothers and sisters are just the basketball team that has the stands empty and the clock running down, and they are down on the scoreboard. They are obviously beat, but they want to say that they did not go down without a fight, so they are still scrambling on the floor, making a fool of themselves in the process, as they flail and try to look like they know what they are doing.
What they seem to ignore is that humanity has been here before. Republicans are embarrassing themselves to prove that it is difficult to come out once you fall into the rabbit hole. The same compassion that would help them at this time while they look very cultish is the same compassion that they need to extend to democrats alike.
My point is that this hate must be conquered by love because it has gone on for so long. It is an unwarranted, personal affront to God when racist hate is spawned, and God has promised to respond to us in due time. I would say that he has and is responding in many ways that are not immediately visible to all of us at once, but with time, we will all be there for the big reveal, as promised.
Wars and rumors of war are to be expected now, as these are all the tools of the far-right militia who are just anxious to break things and blow things up--their movie fix 'must' apparently become a reality--and I am not surprised by the Israel and Hamas' kerfuffle as being a side-effect of the international and personal tensions that are running through Benjamin Netanyahu's veins, and I am sure it must've felt nice to forget reality for a moment and act like blowing things up is the answer to our problems.
Man was made with a mind, and God gave the mind, and it is this that man cannot grapple with or control that causes him to become confused and start hating himself. Eventually, though, a consciousness would kick in, as it would with any individual, that would invite them to start looking at themselves in a way that would rectify the pain of self-sabotage.
In looking in the mirror, Americans must know that hate is not the answer, but many are afraid, I know. Nonetheless, they are still required to think clearly, as this is the only solution to stamping out hate internally, which is what they have not seemed to recognize.
What many Americans who are trampling upon their brethren with hate do not realize is that hate really is self-injury, and one that is easily solved by a mirror and a series of questions, some being, "Do you feel? Are you here now?"
People who can be responsive will quickly show that they recognize their mistake by immediately recapitulating or acknowledging that they are wrong with their cogitations as they can see their error, with a little bit of light questioning.
So while we may hear reports of something egregious, actual footage of people calmly saying negative things is rare, as they are often able to pinpoint their error with immediacy when light is shined on them. False beliefs cannot stand up light, for lies can't remain once the truth is revealed with might and power, as it is to come.
I think that President Biden's victory was the clear effort by the universe to show humankind its inaccuracies and uphold the standard that has been upheld since the beginning of time.
I also think that news like the articles discussed above is also a sign of the universe reaching out and meeting the needs of the people, in large ways and small, many of which might be out of sight for now, to some's eyes never invisible to God.
However, with the anxious future hovering over us, many of us can look forward to the good things taking place that has been promised, and we can look at how our chi, both personal and international, are affected by our collective experiences, including the grief we have all been made to feel recently.
We can also recognize that our collective grief will be softly cushioned in its place as it reaches a collective joy when we all become known to ourselves; when we decide to stand in the truth, we have come to know ourselves, and we are also known as ourselves, which is to say that our identity becomes solidified and recognizable.
I would like to invite you to acknowledge how your identity shapes your actions and, therefore, your chi, as it is made up of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions.
As you do this exercise, remember that your chi can be harnessed to empower your to become stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally. It is akin to your mental willpower and drive.
I want to ask one question: Do you not notice that it could never be powered by hate?
Chi is love and its thickness, so it is almost invisible, being so large. It is the mountain that keeps us and feeds us, as it is all around us, inside and outside of us, so we sometimes mistake it for ourselves, and not for itself, which is dangerous for us, when we do not see that we are here as its guests. 
Hopefully, these words are enough to rest on your consciousness about what you should do about your chi, international chi, and good energy, as we need vast amounts of it to survive and thrive.
The less of this racist hatred that we speak, hear, and/or experience, the better, as we MUST increase the energy resources available to us that we so sorely need to feel well as a human race.
I have long ago limited myself to things that support my vibe, which has caused me to remain peaceful even at difficult times.
I recommend that you protect and harness your chi by the words that you would speak and the things that you would do so that you could be a part of the compounding good that has been promised for ages.
In fact, I beg that you do. This would be world peace.