At 51, Kiki Rozema is taking Women’s Athleisure to (stratospheric) heights and is determined to make a difference in how females feel about themselves and their bodies.
Rozema shares that the weight she has gained and lost over the years, starting at age 7, led to self-doubt and loathing. This is an experience that resonates with many girls and women, and it has a long-term effect. “I want to change this vicious cycle and show women how valued and worthy they are.” One of the ways to claim your success is to create a solid MINDSET. 
So often, the question is “How do I change my body?” but Rozema urges the question to become “How do we (women) change the way we ‘see’ our bodies?” 

Exactly Two Years Ago, Rozema Started With a Tank Top

Just 2 weeks after her mother suddenly passed away, Kiki knew she had to go through with the launch of her company, Smoothies Tank Tops. She was also a mother to 1-year-old and 6-year-old boys. “Clearly I have a sense of humor!”  Starting a new career in a field she knew very little about (Rozema has a Master of Education in Multidisciplinary Leadership), her desire to make a difference for women across the globe superseded her lack of experience in the fashion industry. 
“I ALWAYS wear a tank (underneath everything) and when it rides up to expose my mid-section, I feel vulnerable, and pulling it down constantly makes me want to poke someone in the eye!” Rozema adds,
“I’m a confident woman, but having a tank top that doesn’t fit or function properly becomes a constant nagging reminder of what doesn’t work.” (Ever watched most women who wear tanks are always yanking them down?)
The vision became to create something that would be a staple for millions of women, but would also function as something much, much more! The tank Rozema designed is soft on the inside and smooth on the outside. She explains, “When you hug someone for more than five seconds, it raises your oxytocin and lowers cortisol. That creates a sense of confidence and security, just like a newborn swaddle.” 
The Smoothies’ tank top was created to be just like that oxytocin-releasing hug. The added bonuses are that “Smoothies tank tops NEVER ride up! They are also not see-through, and they smooth out cellulite making it invisible,” Rozema said.
“Women are indelibly connected. There are some experiences that only women can have. Our bodies grow human beings and nourish them. We are connected by deep physical and spiritual losses such as miscarriage, stillbirth, and infertility.
It’s time to shift from judgment of each other to encouragement, empathy, and understanding toward one another,” - said Rozema.

How Can You Claim Your Success?

Working together with other women who support, understand, and cheer you on makes success come faster.
It takes a new MINDSET to claim your space in a room and claim your voice to be heard. With inner confidence as your weapon against societies’ prejudices and judgments, it’s time for women to take the bull by the horns and make it happen. It is time you claim your success. 
“As a former teacher to junior high students, I have always wanted to make an impact. Body image is a huge issue for girls and women, and they are starting to judge themselves at younger and younger ages,” said Rozema. “It’s devastating, and it’s time for a change!”
Rozema adds, In the city where I live, I created and with the help of some other great women, successfully run the Smoothies Empowerment/Mentorship Camp for Girls ages 10-14. The mentors are aged 15-17. Campers learn about healthy communication skills and journal each day. Camp includes hiking, yoga, and meditation. There is team building, and conversations about body issues, the dynamics of girl friendships, and bullying. The goal is for girls to head into the school year as confident young women being prepared and encouraged, knowing that they are heard, and feeling that they are worthy.”
The Smoothies company has expanded from tanks to include eco-friendly leggings (that never roll down or sag!), organic cotton sweatshirts, hoodies, sweatpants, and casual tops. The company is an inclusive-sizing brand ranging from XS to 4XL. 
2021 is the year for massive growth - to reach new countries and impact women around the world. We connect women via a private Facebook Group called Confidence Connection with Kiki. 
Rozema said, “We discuss absolutely everything women face: health, careers, children, spouses, childbirth, loss, grief, being single/married, and more. Members support and reach out to each other with understanding and empathy. Women are validated by other women sharing similar experiences and helping one another navigate the hard things.”  
The Smoothies’ website features women of all shapes and sizes wearing the product; the goal is always to showcase real women.
Smoothies Tank Tops’ vision is for women to be confident in who they are and what they wear, and to promote success through MINDSET, CONNECTION, and CONFIDENCE. 
Kiki Rozema has been featured by Women in Business as a Woman to Watch in 2021 and is now featured speaker at the upcoming Women Thrive Summit, where she will be sharing her inspiring story with thousands of attendees globally. 
Kiki Rozema is the founder and CEO of Smoothies Tanktops, an inspirational speaker, and a Woman to Watch in 2021. 
Having launched her athleisure company just two years ago with no retail experience, her mission to empower women to be confident every day in who they are and what they wear by providing inclusive quality, fairly priced clothing for all women.
Her brand mission is: Real women come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our clothes.