Resiliency During COVID-19

I wasn't too surprised when I saw my mentor, Julia Pimsleur, flooding my inbox with her annual, Million Dollar Women Summit invitations. How could I be? Julia Pimsleur prides herself on her mission of "closing the financial gender gap by helping one million get to one million in revenues."
So I should have never thought that her drive would all of the sudden disappear during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even now, she has that same determined, creative army of women that are living out the phrase, "the show must go on!" This is the underlying power that the Million Dollar Women organization brings — to overcome any boundary in business and thrive while doing it.
For years, Julia Pimsleur reminds all entrepreneurs that, "Only 3% of women entrepreneurs reach $1M in revenue — we can change this in the next few years if we remove the obstacles for ambitious female founders. The summit will help women scale up their businesses faster by helping them round out their business skills and providing access to women who have already crossed the million-dollar mark and want to help others do the same." But even now, Julia has had to change her original teaching practices. But nothing, not even a global pandemic, can stop her and this summit from bringing women the knowledge they need.

My Experience With Million Dollar Women

The biggest takeaway I had when I attended the MDW Summit in April 2018 was adopting the mindset to "Go Big." Although this is a crucial part of scaling your business, I've noticed in my own and other women's lives, that we tend to develop a "do it yourself" attitude. Over the years of working with Julia personally, being a Masterclass Graduate, and immersing myself in different industries — I see the power of optimizing and outsourcing. The best part, in my experience, about the Million Dollar Women Summit and Masterclass, was the variety of female founders you can meet. I am still in touch with women I met in April 2018 and have been able to collaborate with a number of them in very different ways. This community has been a driving force for me in meeting new networks, learning new ways to delegate, and learning how to find funding for any type of business. More importantly, many members of these female founders are my friends. Surrounding myself with like-minded individuals, and people with a driven mindset not only inspires me but bring out the best in myself and my work.
Attendees leave equipped with a huge array of key learnings, so much so that we can almost completely bypass all the mistakes that entrepreneurs before us have made. From learning how to get your customers to come to you to fundraising like a pro, this conference is supplying ample opportunities to use the current down-time to scale your business. It is priceless.

Joining The Community

During this dark time, although not every day has been productive, I have found light in connecting with other determined female entrepreneurs. The anxiety, guilt, and sadness of a pandemic that
all of us
are facing, is a new situation to navigate. Now, more than ever, the need for social interaction is a form of self-care. And, if you're anything like me, using this time to be productive in business is another form of self-care. That's why I encourage all female founders to be #BigBoldBrave during this time and join a community that has elevated me as an entrepreneur in so many ways. You can


Devi Jags