There is nothing more frustrating when you invest in a coach and you feel like just a number to them. Have you ever invested in a program where you felt like the coach did not really give a fly about your success? To them, you were just a transaction, money in the bank, and not a special client that you are.
I know this because I felt that way when working with a few of my coaches. As soon as you made a payment they sent you some videos and templates and the coaching itself was below average. Leaving you to do all the hard work and thinking, when in fact you paid for guidance and support. In turn, leaving you resenting your coach and running for the hills every time you hear the term 'coach'.
Ever since I started mentoring (coaching) with people 1-2-1, I felt responsible for their success. Because their success means my success. Because their achievements mean I did my job right.
Because a happy client is my number 1 priority. I never wanted my clients to feel like I did before that is why my client's success is the ONLY measure of my success.
I always call myself a mentor over a coach, because not only do I help you find your own answers but I also share the strategies and tools for you to actually implement in your business. The same tools and techniques helped me shortcut my way to success.
Over the last few years I been working with women who have many years of experience in their industry but have not been able to master the online space and own their niche in an overcrowded market. They may have been an expert in their niche for 10, 15, or even 20 years, but when it comes to doing things online they had no clue of how to do it. How to translate their real-world expertise into a coherent online brand.
They came to me because they didn't know how to conquer the online world, package their skills into coherent offers, build their online systems or show up online in a way that attracts their ideal audience. The whole digital aspect of running a business online felt scary and confusing. Watching all the 20 and 30 something millennials crushing it online, whilst watching their 20 years experience wither away into a void. Their voice was simply lost in the shuffle of the online world because they didn't have an online presence and shiny tools to make it all come to life.
So when I stepped in to help women turn things around, women were blown away by the results it reaped for their businesses and once again they felt like experts, worthy of changing their worth that reflects their many years of expertise. They felt confident to now pitch themselves to speaking opportunities, approach clients and become visible again.
Over the course of working together we:
- Nailed down their niche and brand positioning in the market that makes them stand out from the rest
- Packaged their gifts (skills and expertise) in a way that speaks to their audience and makes them want to sign up
- Helped women see themselves as experts so they can start showing up from a place of authority and leadership
- Helped them overcome imposter syndrome so they can feel confident and empowered to show up as the go-to experts in their niche
It may sounds cliche, but you need to work with people who believe in you and who are willing to invest in you, just as you are willing to invest in yourself. When you choose your coach, you want to feel like they are invested in your goals and dreams and willing to listen to your concerns. Not just give you cookie-cutter strategies that possibly worked for others or worked for them.
I believe that everyone's business is different and you want to do things in your own unique way because that is what makes you stand out from the crowd.
That's what makes you connect with your audience. I am the kind of person who goes against the grain and willing to try new things, that works for me. And this is exactly what I always encourage others to do also, use strategies that work, but do it in your own unique way.
Above all, there must be mutual trust so you can walk the path to success without questioning your decisions or yourself in the process. There is nothing worse than a coach who makes you feel worthless or below them. Makes you want to shrink and give up your power. In the process of coaching, you should feel empowered and be at the centre stage and your coach needs to know how to bring out the best in you, so you can step into the spotlight and feel confident to shine your light.
This month I am opening few more spots to support women in unlocking their gifts and their potential, so they can show up as confident go-to-experts in their niche. So they can feel empowered to stand in their expert authority and serve the world with their expertise.
This is life-changing when you use your gifts to transform the lives of others when you decide to show p for yourself and the clients who are yet to work with you. They need you, you need you, the world needs you.
If this speaks to you and you are looking for a coach who believes in you, go ahead and drop me a message and let's see if we are aligned to work together, so I can guide you and cheer you on to success.
You can connect with me via Instagram with the word 'Mentoring support' via @RaimondaJankunaite