I don’t know about some of you, but I was definitely not smarter than a 5th grader when it came to the subject of government in High School. What lured me to the Student Government Association was free lunch (I never say no to pasta) and the fashion advice, since my wardrobe choices were similar to those on the show PEN15. Cut to today, I’m still not very Tracy Flick savvy and I think I contribute to Lululemons electric bill (which has nothing to do with my carb diet). Although I have my own opinions about who I think may be the best fit for the white house, in all honesty, I believe it’s about the women (and their shoe collections) behind the Presidents. 
Let’s take our current sitting first lady, Melania Trump. (No booing yet, hear me out!) How Melania can live in that house (that’s the White House) and not get fat like her husband… #winning. I’m a depressed eater, so she is one tough KIND bar. She also understands when to be professional. Some cultures believe public displays of affection are to be only shown in private. Take my British husband for example – he has perfected the Melania hand swat quite well. I’m sure she and Big Daddy Don have nice moments in private (yuck), but she knows how to handle herself at certain engagements. Not to mention her fashion sense is incredible. She probably never has to recycle her Lululemons. Melania probably has less governmental knowledge than I do, but she definitely has more patience and that is a very important characteristic for a First Lady. Shoe collection rating: 10/10.
Another patient first lady – one who actually understood politics and who was one of the “Greats” – is Michelle Obama. What Michelle brought to the White House was class (and a sexy husband, but I digress). This felt like a complete Jackie O situation. Of course, there are some people that dislike Michelle (patiently waiting), but the example she set in her eight years as First Lady, whether or not her husband was your favorite choice, showed women that you can be a positive influence in health and wellness (I really need to take more notes), schools, and even pop culture, not just in government. So even though her husband was elected the first Black President, it makes her accomplishments all the more impressive when you consider the pressure they must have had being the first Black family in the White House. She was just as important as he was, in my opinion (which is of course the only one). Shoe collection rating: 8/10
As much as we become engrossed in our real First Ladies, we can’t help but get wrapped up in a good political drama and fall in love with our “fake” first ladies. Take Claire Underwood in House of Cards for example. (Spoilers ahead!) Mrs. Underwood not only has a killer wardrobe collection, but she can hold her own in a room full of lawmakers and political figures (or whatever else Netflix decides to throw her way). Her Presidential husband, Frank Underwood, (killed off in Spaceygate) paves the way for her to take over. Although she and Frank were a powerhouse couple, we must recognize her ability to steal the narrative throughout the show. She was scrutinized after Frank’s death and there was a lot to clean up (what is it about wives cleaning up after husbands), and yet she somehow kept her cool. Although this is not reality, it would be nice to have a first woman President who has a set of lady balls. Shoe collection rating: 9/10
Although this is not reality, it would be nice to have a first woman President who has a set of lady balls.
Meanwhile, in present day America: Jill Biden started campaigning for Joe back in the 70s (his more energetic days) and has been a big supporter of his political career over the decades. Although she has been verbal about her views towards the Iraq War and other subjects, it’s really in education that she shines. She could have easily stopped working to “support” his career by staying home and doing charity work by the pool with a cocktail, but no, she decided to make a difference in children and young adults. Not only did she continue to teach English, but she also continued her own education with a doctorate degree. Over the age of 55, to boot! I can’t even get myself to finish learning the Steve Martin Teaches Comedy Masterclass – and that’s online, of all places. If this is going to be our new First Lady, (Possibly? Hopefully) then maybe we should just give her a presidential bid for 2024. Shoe collection rating: 9/10
So to sum up: if you’re like me and maybe aren’t as politically savvy as others, but certain issues are still important to you, don’t just think about the two men on the ballot. Think about the women behind the men. Think about all the great things that they are doing, have done and will do. Think about Jill. Think about Melania. All I can say here is just think about Melania. When all this is said and done, I’d like to invite her over after her divorce for some wine and a good relief-cry. I’ll offer her some mac n cheese and maybe I can show off my one pair of (3 seasons old) Christian Louboutins to her. I think she’d like that. It’d cheer her up knowing she at least got some good swag from her White House visit. So, as Americans – do your duty (in heels or sneaks). Whether you go out or mail it in, go vote! #shoepower


Lauren Peacock