No officers charged?
The news media announced this decision as if it demonstrates justice!  As if the issue is said and done.  When the government is guilty, what does it do?  Redeem yourself Georgia/Government/America!  Allow guilt to rant your soul.  The world sees you are corrupted! Donald Trump, the best you could do after being faced with #God #BarackObama, is to run to hate.  For God said he will “separate the sheep from the goats.” 
We #blackpeople are here waiting for you to realize the gaping hole in your country. #GeorgeFloyd/#officerkillings/officer-involved shootings are the issues that have wrought anger.  This is why we are sick!  Something as simple as an infectious disease controls you and can’t muster the concern of a nation to please your neighbor.  
Your unrighteousness is clear.  You are living in the breadbasket that MY ANCESTORS #theblacknation, died for, whose spirits are still alive and well and rocking this nation unto you #fixit, your broken spirit, your lies, your frequent injustices, stop piling up bodies!
The world needs you to bear fruit, America!  Stop deploring yourself!  Strap your boots!  REPAIR your strength!
This nation was built on love!  People died for your riches that you may no more enjoy.  There is no joy in defrauding other people!
America, become a righteous nation. Show love from your core.  It’s your strength.  We who work out KNOW this!
Do not let the devil’s weakness make you fearful!
You are gone astray, don’t believe in the Bible, don’t believe in God, all that nonsense you cultivate in your land!  Shall it not only produce disease??  Is this not the product we are seeing?  
Wake up!
It is Christ!  I am waiting for you to show me up, America!  Light and knowledge WITHIN YOU.  Give me some air!  White women, be quiet!  Stop thinking you know more than a black girl!  Black people are the foundation of the land.  You are destroying your foundation!
What kind of nation does that?
Black people, we are fighters!  We are allowed a righteous rebellion since we are the seat! White men, you are allowed to eat from the bowl forever!
The nation is #notsatisfied with just MONEY!  Save our lives!  Bring our babies along to the promised land!  Get your feet off of our necks!  #OFFOFOURNECKS!  White America, the whole world saw how you kick a man when he’s down!  Shame has its pride! You cannot walk away from your deeds!  You will have to pay!  White pride is a disease! It just makes you stand taller for the devil to chop your necks!  Yes, I’m Christ, and the devil works for me!  
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