Technology is increasingly becoming more and more important in today's workplace. It has become a major part of how businesses and employees work as technology advances. According to recent US statistics, 84% of small businesses turned to at least one major digital platform to connect with their clients. Technology is a powerful tool that can be used to increase brand awareness and reach a larger audience. Here are four ways you can use technology to boost your brand awareness.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to ensure your brand is visible in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Optimizing your content for keywords related to your brand can increase visibility and create more opportunities for people to find your brand. You may have to do a few things to enhance SEO for your brand awareness. You can start by researching and identifying keywords. Optimizing your website by ensuring your site loads quickly, is mobile friendly, and has an easily navigable structure will also be helpful. It’s also best to create quality content and leverage social media. Meanwhile, people use websites to locate and assess businesses in today's web-centric society. As a smart business owner, you can create a social media wall at live events or on your website to create an on-brand experience that compels your viewers to fully immerse themselves in your brand.

Let your consumers share

Companies that develop content for their website, social media, or retail should make it as simple as possible to distribute. Word-of-mouth advertising is among businesses' most effective techniques to develop trust and recognition. Startups, in particular, might profit from early sales and clientele. Consumers are more likely to believe in your brand and content if they see it shared by friends, family, and coworkers. Most consumers, however, are unlikely to share if it is not simple. Fortunately, many developers and platforms like WordPress provide correct website widgets and features to make sharing as simple as possible across major channels. 

Assist your customer service staff

Customer service is critical for providing pleasant experiences that help clients remember your business. Customer support may be streamlined with the appropriate technology, enabling your team to assist clients as swiftly as possible. CRM software, for example, centralizes all information about each client and their connection with your company. That makes it easier for agents to respond to inquiries and concerns and find satisfactory responses. If a client has to return an item or replace one still under warranty, the support staff may use the CRM to swiftly retrieve data about the consumer and their transactions.


Automation can help you save time and money while increasing brand awareness. Tasks automation can free up time to focus on other significant aspects of your business while ensuring your brand reaches the right people. You can schedule posts, track analytics, and optimize content using automated tools to ensure maximum reach and visibility. Automation can also help you track the performance of your campaigns so that you can adjust your efforts accordingly.