It's getting harder and harder to crack Google's algorithm, but it doesn't mean that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is dead. If anything, it just means business owners and brand managers have to train their sights on hiring SEO specialists who actually know how search engines work and can adapt to their ever-changing algorithms. instead of those who insist on using outdated formulas to try and increase your brand's ranking on search engines.
In sum, here are some of the best reasons why investing in an SEO strategy is (still) a good idea in 2020.
Pretty Much Everyone Does the 'Google Check'
To date, Google is still the most visited website by a mile. Everyone does the 'Google check' before they do anything -- may it be purchasing something for the first time, trying out a new diet plan, or even going to the doctor, people are going to check it out first before making any final or purchase decisions.
So, if you want your business to be found and established as a trusted resource by Google, you're going to not only have to invest in SEO but also implement other online promotion tactics[1] to increase your online visibility.
Being a trusted resource by Google will do wonders for your brand, so never discount search engine ranking when trying to bolster your online presence.
SEO Generates Qualified Leads
If all you really want is to drive more traffic to your site, you can cut a lot of corners by simply baiting people to click on links to your website. That should do the trick, right? However, it's likely that increased traffic is not solely your end-goal -- it's just a means to a more important end, which is converting those clicks into paying customers.
Unfortunately, there are no cutting corners for conversion, although a sound SEO strategy can definitely make it easier for your brand. An SEO specialist can make sure your visitors land on the right pages, get the content (or the answers) they're looking for, and can buy, subscribe, sign up, or inquire about your services without too much hassle.
Better Local SEO Leads to More Conversions
In case you haven't figured it out just yet, not everyone can be an SEO expert. It's one thing to be capable of stringing together a couple of words to write a good article or story, but it's a whole other ordeal to know the target market by heart.
For best results, you have to prioritize local SEO professionals, since they are less likely to provide you with a generic, one-size-fits-all strategy to gain more leads. In addition, having a local SEO gains visibility with local customers on search, but also considers the local SEO services pricing.
For example, if your business is based in the Kansas City area, you're going to want to look for Kansas City SEO companies because they're not only in the vicinity of your business but they are poised to create more meaningful connections with potential clients because they're local. They'll have more of an inkling about the kind of people you're doing business with and can provide the necessary services you need.
Page 2 of Google is Where Dreams Go to Die
It is worth reiterating that the competition to land on the first page of search engine results is fierce. With millions of content getting churned out from all around the world on a daily basis, users can't be expected to sift through everything before making a decision on which result to click on.
More often than not, it's page one or oblivion, and when talking about the business you built from the ground up, you will surely only settle for the first.
Customers Have Developed an Aversion to Paid Content
The same SEO strategies that worked without fail five years ago are no longer applicable today, as exemplified by a case study done by consumer brand Olay.
Customers are no longer falling for generic ads that do not provide valuable information or at least new knowledge to them. In fact, most customers have developed a discerning eye that automatically rejects or ignores anything that resembles a targeted ad.
To combat this, you need an SEO strategy that focuses on customer experience, needs, and preferences, before slowly building up to the sale. SEO is not an exact science by any gauge, but it is by far the most reliable, quantifiable, and long-term strategy you can employ to keep your brand top of mind for your target customers.


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