There are so many ways of achieving perfect skin. One of the popular methods currently in the Korean Skincare Routine, which involves a procedure that leads to flawless skin. This procedure is in eight steps, which you need to practice day and night to make your skin glow. Every phase uses different ingredients, including water, essence, toner, eye cream, serum, ampoule, moisturizer, and sheet masks. Here are the eight steps which need to be done twice a day.

Step 1: Wash the face with water

This process involves washing the face with adequate water to remove dirt and impurities that have settled on the face. Other than removing the impurities, water hydrates the face to prepare it for the next process. Individuals are cautioned against using soap or face wash as it affects the skin leading to acne problems. Water is the most recommended because it contains no impurities and leaves the face with a natural feel.

Step 2: Apply Toner

After washing your face with water, the next step involves applying a toner. Toners in this method are mostly used to balance the skin's PH. It ensures that the PH levels of the skin are balanced, ready for the next process. Toner, other than balancing the PH, it also helps in hydrating the skin. When your skin has the right PH, it prevents dehydration and helps your skin absorb other contents used in this skincare method.

Step 3: Apply Essence

Essence comprises a combination of toner and serum, which gets fused with water. Its primary function in this Korean beauty procedure is to maintain the youthfulness in the skin, preventing wrinkles. The essence is custom-made, depending on your skin's complexion, including one made for dry skin, oily skin, and normal skin. It enhances cellular turnover and helps in improving skin complexion.

Step 4: Use Ampoule

An ampoule is a skin treatment that promotes collagen, a connective tissue component that helps skin restoration. The ingredients available in Ampoules help in rectifying damaged skin cells, improving its radiant. 

Step 5: Using Serum

Serums are also water-based skin components that help the skin with concentrated active ingredients. Such ingredients include glycerin and ceramides and other nature-available products such as aloe Vera and cucumber. It also comprises vitamins, including Vitamins C, E, and K. All these have deep penetrative abilities, which help in improving the overall feel and look of the skin. It tackles both wrinkles and dark spots in the skin, making it glow. These ingredients have led to Korean women having smooth and firmer skin, which doesn't age. It is highly recommended to include this process in the daily routine to see its effectiveness.

Step 6: Apply Eye Cream

There are no sebaceous glands around the eye; thus, there is no natural oil production which helps the skin around the eyes. If you look closely, the skin around the eyes is always delicate, thin, and cracks easily. This Korean method suggests people use eye cream, which makes the skin around the eyes stay dehydrated and protected against cracks or any other skin complication. 
The eye cream should be natural with limited or no chemical composition as it might create more harm than good. The eye cream also contains collagen, which maintains the elasticity of the skin in the face. This prevention is essential since a human being's natural collagen production tends to decrease as we age. Collagen prevents the fine lines and wrinkles that happen as we get older. It allows easy stretching of the skin around the eyes, preventing cracks and other skin damages.

Step 7: Use Moisturizer

Moisturizers are just like creams, which are used to lubricate the skin and make it soft. Moisturizers are customized according to skin type, including moisturizers made for dry skins, normal skin, or oily skins. Their main aim in this process is to prevent skin dryness and prevent other skin conditions such as acne. Most Korean women use this ingredient to hydrate their skin the whole day, making it smooth, free from cracks and wrinkles. For the best use of this moisturizer, you need to apply it thinly over the face.

Step 8: Sunscreen application

Sunscreen is the last process in this Korean beauty process. It helps in protecting the skin against direct sun rays, which negatively affect the skin. According to expert reviews from, the best sunscreen helps remove wrinkles, black spots, dead skin, and reduces cancer risks related to the skin. Korean women do not only apply sunscreen on sunny days; they use it as a standard measure to perfect their skin. According to them, sunscreens have more other benefits than just protecting the skin from the sun.
When it comes to the night routine, you have to begin applying an Oil-based cleanser, then follow the processes by cleaning, Exfoliating, using toner, essence, Ampoule, serum, sheet mask, eye cream, and then begin the morning process of moisturizing. When you do this diligently, you will have perfect skin, just like the Korean woman.


Daria Brown