Style isn't just about following the latest fashion trend. When it comes to clothing and style, there are a few golden rules that you can follow to get the ideal look without being complicated about it.
Although fashion and style are subjective, most people still deem certain styles and clothes as objectively bad looking or unfashionable.
Gain confidence in yourself by learning fashion advice to style every look in your closet. Here are a few easy, yet significant style tips for all.

Don't Always Go After the Trends

You might have heard this statement countless times before but everyone can agree that the classic fashion approach is timeless. Trends can be good or bad, but they all eventually end, and people move on. There are tons of trendy clothes for women but only a tiny amount of them have managed to change the fashion industry and how we view fashion itself.
But in a room full of people following the same trend, what really stands out is an elegant black dress. In other words, something simple, and uncomplicated, that compliments the person's figure and avoids ostentatious or tacky trends.

Research Colors that Compliment Your Skin

Skin tones matter a lot when picking the right color to wear. Although people of every skin tone can pull off any outfit, some colors really accentuate what you already have. For instance:
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Wear Clothes that Match Your Body Type

It's not that you are supposed to fit into the clothes, the clothes are supposed to fit onto you. Choose dresses that go along with your body type, rather than work against it. In other terms, in the part of your body that you carry weight, whether that's the bottom half or the top half.
If you have a tall and thin figure, a maxi or midi dress and mermaid style dress would look fantastic. Likewise, if you're plus-sized, A-line or empire waist dresses would suit the best.

Get Your Clothes Professionally Tailored

Not all clothes need to be necessarily tailored, for instance, if you're into oversized clothing, tailoring it would go against its purpose. Getting clothes professionally tailored might also be costly, but it can make a significant difference.
Like long work pants might sound like a good idea until you try them and end up getting them scrapped and ripped at the bottom. The point is to have clothes that are properly fitted to your shape and size. The fabric of the clothes matters a lot in this regard.

Experiment By Adding Layers

Layers are really easy to get wrong, and a lot of people do. You don't have to reinvent the wheel to understand good layering. Some elegant black pants, a solid-colored t-shirt, and a fun scarf or jacket along with it is a great place to start.
Clothing and layering combinations have endless options, all looking amazing for different types of events. If you're not too familiar with layering, buy a few scarves with fun designs and get colors that can complement what you already have in the closet.

Play Around With Accessories

On top of wearing something simple and classy, you have to add your unique touch to it so you can slightly differ from everyone else. To do that, you have to get creative, and adding accessories is a great way to do it.
There's no need to add enough jewelry that would make going through a metal detector your worst nightmare. Wearing a shiny white necklace and elegant gold or white earrings is enough to make people pay attention.

Wear Bold Black Glasses

Black frames look gorgeous no matter what face shape or skin tone you have. Wearing a pair of bold black glasses is an amazing way to add glamor to your overall style, in any event you go to.
Square frames can counteract a saggy jaw or cheeks and make facial contours seem more firm. While another popular frame shape, cat-eyes provide a subtle uplift. Sunglasses are a perfect way to compensate for a wide array of situations like drowsy eyes or eye bags due to insufficient sleep.

Accessorize Your Jeans

An ordinary pair of skinny jeans can make you feel like a model, and for most days of the week, that's good enough. But for a night out or a casual party, wearing stylish and polished items paired with your usual jeans can elevate your style significantly if done right.
For instance, swapping the athletic and sporty elements like sneakers, baggy t-shirts, and hoodies with something more refined like a blouse or a blazer can make a world of a difference.


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