Men often overlook their daily fashion, but smart style choices can significantly affect how others perceive you. Whether you're hoping to get promoted at work or make a good impression on a first date, a solid outfit can make all the difference. 
What you wear sends a message about who you are. Looking your best can be as simple as wearing clothes that fit like a glove. You can elevate your style by accessorizing with a Cuban link chain or a stylish watch. 
These five tips can help you dress up any outfit if you find your everyday ensembles falling flat. 

1. Find Your Fit 

The most common mistake men make when curating their outfits is wearing the wrong size. When you wear clothing that fits and flatters your figure, you instantly dress up an everyday look. Even in basics like jeans and a graphic tee, having the perfect fit will make your outfit look expensive.  
Your shirt should lie flat across your chest and shoulders without tugging or straining. It should taper at your waist rather than billow out. A button-down should have enough room to fit two fingers into the neck, and the sleeves should fall to the top of your thumb. 
Fitted jeans are a staple in any man’s wardrobe. You want your pants to fit your waist naturally. You can add a belt as an accessory, but keeping them up shouldn't be necessary. You want at least an inch of room in the thighs. You don’t want your jeans to be so tight you can’t move comfortably or so loose that they hide all your assets.  

2. Tailor Your Suits 

If you work a high-profile office job, you may need to wear a suit to work most days of the week. Even an inexpensive suit can look luxurious if tailored to fit you like a glove. 
A tailor can take a jacket or blazer that fits across your shoulders and update the cuffs, waist, and sleeve length to perfectly fit your body. Even for a special occasion like a wedding, making an effort to have your suit tailored can make all the difference. 
Tailors can also help you size your shirts and jeans and give you tips on what cuts and styles best flatter your figure. Don’t be afraid to get some style advice from the experts. 

3. Use Accessories to Express Your Unique Style

Get in touch with your sense of style. Think about what clothes make you feel most confident. What occasions are you dressing up for? A few accessories can add the perfect touch if you need to accessorize an outfit for work or play. 
Cuban link necklaces can suit a hip-hop star or look chic with a suit, depending on your chosen style. Pair a heavy 12mm Cuban link chain with a basic black tee and fitted jeans for a date night look. Try a thin 4mm Cuban link with a neutral turtle neck blazer and trousers for an alternative business casual look. 
A stylish watch sends the message that time matters to you. You can play it up with an elaborate face or keep it simple with a sleek leather band for your smartwatch. Accessories, like a versatile Cuban link necklace, can add an extra touch to any style to show that you care about your appearance. 

4. Balance Neutral Basics with a Pop of Color 

You don’t have to be afraid of wearing color. You just want to balance bold colors to avoid creating a clash. Start with neutral basics when you build your wardrobe. Think of tans, navy blue, black, brown, grey, and cream. Other shades of blue and earthy green tones also easily match almost any color. 
You can use these neutral tones to build a variety of looks and can be safe knowing your outfit will match. Once you feel confident mixing and matching with neutral tones, you can try adding subtle pops of color that play up your hair and skin tone. 
It can be as simple as wearing a bright pocket square with a neutral suit or as bold as trying out a brightly colored dress shirt. Try a bright-colored graphic tee shirt layered under a black bomber jacket with dark wash jeans for a more casual look.   

5. Put Your Best Foot Forward 

No outfit is complete without the proper footwear. You’ll need the right dress shoes to pair with your suit and a signature pair of sneakers to finish off your casual outfits. No matter your style, the right shoes can help you express it. 
Style your suit with a classic pair of oxfords, or go bolder in a pair of brogues. Don’t forget your dress socks since they’ll show up whenever you take a seat. Go for a playful look in colorful argyle, or keep it simple with monochrome black. Don’t forget your dress socks since they’ll show up whenever you take a seat. 
On more casual days, you’ll need a fresh pair of sneakers to pair with your jeans. Try out a few pairs in one of your favorite outfits to see what feels the most like you. 
The right pair of shoes can add just as much to an outfit as a smart tie or stylish Cuban link chain. Making an effort in every element of your outfit, from head to toe, will take you from looking drab to fab. 


Jacob Maslow