It is more common than you think to have little to no support from family or friends when you start working on your entrepreneurial dream. The moment when you decide that perhaps a 9-5 career is not for you and embark on your big dream, is the moment when you need the most encouragement and support. When you have plucked up your courage to tell your boss, you will no longer be coming back to your job or tell your spouse that you are taking a leap towards your dream.
Unfortunately at this pivotal moment a lot of dreams get shattered. This is the time when most of your friends and family will project their doubts and fears on you, that your dream may not succeed. Well, it is true, your dream may not succeed, but you will never know unless you try. Unless you actually give it your best shot and figure it out for yourself. You see when you have an unsupportive spouse, family member or friend, who constantly adds their 2 pence. 
One bit of advice I can give you from my 10 years + experience as an entrepreneur who never conformed to the status quo is: Do not take anyone else's 2 pence, because they do not see the vision that you see.
Do not take anyone else's 2 pence, because they do not see the vision that you see.
They have no idea of the reason why you are making this decision, they have not had the experiences that you have had. They are not the ones who will have to put in the work and stay motivated. They can only project their fears and leave you doubting your dreams. 

So Why Are Your Friends or Family Not Supporting Your Dreams?

One of those reasons is that they have never left their comfort zones, and have never tried to pursue their dreams due to fear. They are quite happy to conform to life and live a mediocre life. They are quite happy staying safe because they know at the end of the month there will be a paycheck. Well, let me tell you, comfort zones never led anyone to greatness. And if you want to achieve greatness you have to surround yourself with people who achieved greatness. Most important, is that you do not seek approval or validation or you will forever feel trapped. Be bold, be brave, and go out there to conquer your biggest, grandest vision. 

People Underestimate You

Making a decision to go on your own is a bold move and one that requires a lot of courage. Some people in your network may have never seen you take a big brave leap and they may be shocked by the changes that are happening around you. The courage you have and the decisions you are making. This again may feel outside of their comfort zone, but more than that, they may be projecting their own limiting beliefs on you. Therefore underestimating your potential and your abilities, based on their own experiences and perceptions in life. Remember, only you know your own strengths, and unless you push your own limits you won't know what you are truly capable of. Diamonds are made under pressure, so do not fear the pressure, because it will make you even stronger and more precious than ever before. 
Frank Sinatra said: “The best revenge is massive success.”

People Do Not Understand What You Do

A lot of the time people do not support your vision or your dreams because they simply do not understand it. When people do not understand something, they simply dismiss it, as not possible or it doesn't make sense. 
I in my life battled with this for a very long time, where people could not understand what I do, and how I make money working from home. Only when my name started to appear in articles, events, videos, and interviews did people realize that I am successful in what I do. I did not try to convince people who did not matter, I just stayed focused on building my vision and I conquered it beyond my own imagination.
I did not try to convince people who did not matter, I just stayed focused on building my vision and I conquered it beyond my own imagination.
But, one caveat to that is as an entrepreneur, you have to take responsibility for communicating your dream and your vision effectively. I always say that entrepreneurs are 'Dream Sellers' because we have to convince the world of an idea that not yet exist. When you are able to do that successfully, people will join your mission and become your biggest cheerleaders. This applies to your customers, stakeholders, investors, and ultimately your family and friends. So do take responsibility for that, before you feel disheartened that your loved ones do not support your vision, maybe they simply can't see it yet. 
That's is why I always ask people, what is your mission or purpose behind what you do?
If you can communicate that in a way that a 10-year-old would understand then you will captivate people who do not understand. 

Find Your Purpose and the Rest Will Take Care of Itself

I truly believe that when you find your purpose and you are happy doing what you love, no matter how much criticism may come your way, no matter how many nay-sayers will cross your path, you will stay the course and feel fulfilled doing what you do.
After nearly 8 years of searching for my true purpose in life, I found it by accident, by doing what I loved. I started to serve people for free with my knowledge and gifts. I started to become a cheerleader for others, which came naturally to me. I started hosting events to bring women together and empower them with the space to share and feel supported. Before long, I grew an international community of female entrepreneurs, I grew my audience from 0 to over 300k followers online and became an authority in my industry. 
Now I get invited to speak at global events, share my expertise with the world, and mentor other women in becoming confident and visible leaders in their niche. 
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