As the outreach coordinator at Veriheal, my job is to write about cannabis news and developments in the industry.  I have always been passionate about medical marijuana as I personally have been using it to combat my own anxiety, and I work toward connecting with other stakeholders in the marijuana industry.
Working in such an innovative startup is very exciting for me, but what fascinates me the most is how medical cannabis can help women suffering from PTSD.

Why Marijuana Helps People Living with PTSD

PTSD is a debilitating condition that leads to a wide range of symptoms like panic attacks, nightmares, overwhelming emotions, and hyper-vigilance. Other symptoms are self-destructive behavior and detachment from others. 
In severe cases, these symptoms can be too overwhelming and can make everyday life and tasks extremely difficult. Veriheal aims to offer access to those living with this condition and connect them with cannabis-certified doctors who educate them on how medical cannabis may help with their symptoms.
While many people living with PTSD  say that marijuana helps with their symptoms, it is crucial to conduct more research on the biological mechanisms behind the health benefits of medical marijuana.

The Role of an Outreach Coordinator

Veriheal is an innovative company in the medical marijuana industry that can provide essential services to people who need assistance. It aims to educate, assist, and provide information to patients in need, who can then make appointments with MMJ doctors through Veriheal’s telehealth platform. The company works to bring the two parties together in a way that benefits them both.
As the main point of contact for the medical cannabis community, I interview individuals like doctors, cannabis experts, and patients to learn about the kind of help patients need, find information to educate patients about medical marijuana programs, and provide essential cannabis news. Additionally, I create awareness about Veriheal—I write about how its platform can help patients looking for a medical marijuana card and I promote the company’s presence in all 50 states in the United States through advertising and marketing. This requires Veriheal to initiate and develop meaningful relationships between Veriheal and patients, physicians, and marijuana dispensaries which I can achieve thanks to my strong communication and writing skills and the ability to work with different individuals!
When it is safe to do so (due to the pandemic), I hope to promote, organize, and schedule special events and outreach events.
The medical marijuana sector in the U.S. is making huge strides. For this reason, businesses in the industry need to hire experienced outreach coordinators to provide accurate and helpful cannabis news to patients. In November 2020, for example, residents in five states voted to relax cannabis laws—which is consistent with the ongoing call to change marijuana regulations across the country.
Veriheal has been at the forefront when it comes to connecting medical cannabis patients, dispensaries, and doctors and which is why the company announced record results for 2020.


Samantha Vélez