Education nonprofits are mainly concerned with providing quality education resources and strong teacher support to those in need. Many of the projects these nonprofits undertake require sufficient funding. 
Investing in an online fundraising platform will not only help education nonprofits receive donations quickly but will also provide them with opportunities to educate and interact with their donors.


Fundraising platforms provide education nonprofits with an opportunity to create education fundraising campaigns and participate in crowdfunding. 
You can host your campaign on the platform and reach out to thousands of potential donors. Many fundraising platforms offer multiple currencies, languages, and payment options so anyone from around the world can donate to your cause. 
Nonprofits can raise funds for education and partner with institutions who can use the fundraising platform as an alumni network and fundraising tool.

Peer To Peer Fundraising

Peer to peer fundraising has incredible outreach potential for your education nonprofit. 
It will not only strengthen your donor base but also strengthen donor relationships. Fundraising platforms enable your supporters to fundraise on your nonprofit’s behalf by allowing them to set up individual fundraising pages. 
Some platforms allow nonprofits to create a dedicated profile page with logos, images and their story. This enables them to share their goals and how they will help provide free education to people which will inspire people to make a donation. Social media sharing buttons help donors promote your campaign page and customized email templates assist fundraisers in soliciting donations.

Fundraising Events

Education nonprofits who don’t have sufficient funds for hosting physical fundraising events can hold virtual events with the help of a fundraising platform. 
Although fundraising platforms charge monthly or annual fees, they are cheaper investments compared to physical events. Virtual events will help education nonprofits reach a large number of people at once without any physical limitations. 
Prospective donors can attend the event from the comfort of their own homes. These events are a great way to help your donors understand more about your nonprofit and what you do. 
Members of the education nonprofit can explain how donations will help contribute to the furthering of education or provide education to people who cannot afford it. 
You can even hold virtual auctions and facilitate online bidding. Donors are directed to a donation page where they can make an immediate donation.

Donor Management

Fundraising platforms help education nonprofits keep their fundraising processes donor-centric. This is important for sustaining and increasing their donor retention rate. 
A loyal donor base is helpful in boosting recurring donations and offering constant support to your organization. Nonprofits will be able to track their fundraising campaigns and get real-time reports about potential donors and donations. 
Some platforms which specialize in donor management, compile donor data and metrics to help education nonprofits implement better strategies regarding their engagement. 
If your nonprofit has partnered with an educational institution, the donor database lets the institution track its alumni, parents, and donors all from one platform. This will help in handling donor data and getting a better understanding of alumni and other supporters.

Many Engagement Opportunities

There are many ways fundraising platforms provide education nonprofits with more engagement opportunities.
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If your education nonprofit wants to host events and live auctions, you must select a fundraising platform which has the features to help you do so. Every fundraising platform is different and ones with more features will require a greater investment.