Miami-based designer Donna Leah understands that colors can affect your mood, allowing positive energy to flow and negative thoughts to dissipate. One color, in particular, has captured the current mood and has found its way into the latest collection of Donna Leah Designs chic casual collections. It’s the color green.  
Trendsetters, fashion forecasters, and those in the know understand that green is used to symbolize a sense of hope and optimism. Even while we embrace the idea of dressing for ourselves and holding individualistic looks above all else, few are able to stay away from one of nature’s strongest hues.
As fans know, Donna Leah Designs’ style is upscale with a touch of formal, even in her more casual looks. Using neon green in her new luxe loungewear feels refreshingly vibrant and has been hailed as a must-have for those that love a touch of chic eccentricity. Wearing it with a monochromatic vibe is being referred to as the pandemic power suit, balancing a serious and determined attitude with not taking yourself too seriously.
Courtesy of Donna Leah 
Matching sets always feel sophisticated and demonstrate that you have made an effort. Donna Leah often comments that she loves two-piece sets because it gives the wearer time to focus on accessories and footwear. A bold backdrop craves the excitement of a statement “it” bag, favorite jewelry, and head-turning footwear. Particularly in the current work from home environment, few things offer an easier way to look put together when faced with an impromptu zoom than a matching set. 
Not one to shy away from making a statement, Donna Leah Designs is focusing green for its strong nature-inspired character that communicates a serious yet determined attitude. This is the color that announces who you are while proving that you mean business. 
What Donna Leah loves most about the color is that there are no perceived rules attached. Some stick to hard rules for white or black, but green is not the bright color that you need to give up once summer comes to an end, especially since those expectations are mostly passé and are not so hard and fast anymore. 
Truly there is a green for everyone. From pops of neon to gem-inspired emerald green, finding a shade to like is really about which shade suits your personal style. It seems that the more time we spend outdoors, the greater our need to bring it inside and keep it close. From the moment that Donna Leah first launched her brand, nature has been her strongest inspiration.  
As a brand statement, Donna Leah Designs believes that everyone can and should wear whatever colors they like. It’s important to the designer for people to feel empowered by what they are wearing, to express themselves through their clothing, and to unapologetically wear what a person thinks to look best on them. But experimenting with the season’s top shades is a fun way to get out of your comfort zone and add some trendy looks into a wardrobe. Who knows? That experiment might include the color green!


Clara Rose