Whilst some people have worn glasses for years without any real issues, some people really do not get on with them, which is why they switch to wearing contact lenses instead. Some of the reasons why they make this change and why they hold the belief that contact lenses are better than glasses are listed below.
Provide you with clearer vision
Because contact lenses sit right on the curvature of the eye, they provide you with a much wider field of vision than what a pair of glasses ever would, along with a great level of focus. Additionally, contact lenses cannot be affected by the weather conditions like what glasses can be on hot, cold, or foggy days. When wearing glasses, you are prone to experiencing distortions or reflections - this is not an issue with contact lenses. This is why for anyone who appreciates much clearer vision, they switch to using contact lenses instead of glasses.
No need to compromise your style
Whilst glasses can, in some instances, work to compliment a particular look, they can also compromise your style and get in the way of things. This is particularly true when wearing eye make up or false eyelashes. Depending on the type of lens that you require, such as those that are light reactive, the type of frames that can accommodate these can be somewhat limited, meaning that you have to settle for ones that you may not particularly like the style of.
Allow you to be active
Anyone who is an active individual that plays lots of sports will fully be aware that contact lenses, such as the ones you can purchase online at https://www.contactlensesplus.com/contact-lenses/daily-disposable, provide a much better solution than what conventional glasses do. For instance, they do not move around as you do and so you do not have to worry about them ever falling off of your face and breaking. Even on the very rare occasion when a contact lens does detach from your eyeball and it hits the ground, they are very difficult to break. They also do not in any way obstruct the wear of safety equipment, such as googles, caps, or helmets, that are required for some sports and activities. 
Make life much easier
There are many scenarios and situations in everyday life where things are made much easier to do when not wearing glasses. For instance, clunky glasses can often get in the way of those precious moments, such as a first kiss, or spontaneous and fun things, such as riding a roller coaster. With contact lenses you do not have to worry about your glasses ruining any of these things for you ever again.
Comfortable to wear
Having the frame of a pair of glasses resting on top of your ears or nose all day can soon become irritating and / or uncomfortable. This of course is not an issue with contact lenses and there are all manner of types of them in order to cater for people with sensitivity or dry eyes.


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