Cleanliness is essential for a good image – whether as an individual or as a business, others' perception of you will change, depending on how clean they perceive you to be.

You would not attend an important meeting wearing casual dirty clothes – oftentimes in these occasions, individuals opt to wear a suit or a professional attire as this provides others with the fact that you are serious and professional. The same goes for your business. A clean place of work has a big impact on clients as well as on employees. In this article, we will discuss why cleanliness is important to maintain a business's credibility.

Things a Business Should Do To Ensure Cleanliness:

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This does not have to be difficult to achieve, and it most certainly should not be up to your employees to ensure this is done. There are many cleaning companies available that can do a great job - Seers Group is a good example of what services cleaning companies offer to ensure cleanliness in your office. A professional deep cleaning entails the use of specific chemicals that individuals must be trained to use, therefore always ensure that you get qualified professionals for cleaning purposes.

Overall Image of Business Improves

First impressions matter – if a potential client, a supplier, or even an investor physically attend your business, the first thing they will see is how your business presents. You do not want visitors to be presented with a messy, disorganized, and dirty environment. If a business is showing signs of neglect and is not well looked after, people are less likely to take professionals and the overall company seriously. A clean workplace directly reflects your business core values.

Moreover, in a time where people can easily leave a review of their experience online for millions of people to see, your business image can easily be damaged or enhanced by each individual's experience. A positive review will increase the number of clients.

Increased Employee Productivity:

In the professional world, cleanliness and personal hygiene are of great importance and are always incorporated in company policies. Employees are expected to present clean and tidy as individuals, as each and every one represents the company they work for. However, it is not enough to dress professionally – the workplace also needs to exhibit a high level of hygiene and professionalism.

Ensuring cleanliness within a business setting will generate a healthy and happy environment for employees, thus increasing overall productivity. Research suggests that cleanliness boots motivation and employees' morale and increased respect for the company.

When people are happy where they work, they are less likely to consider getting other jobs, reducing staff turnover and they will more likely want to succeed, increasing productivity overall.

Safer Workplace

Cleaning is not only about image and how others perceive you, or how it makes professionals feel. The most important aspect of cleaning is to ensure that harmful bacteria do not spread over the office. With potentially many different people, from professionals to visitors, constantly using the premises, it is only natural that bacteria and viruses may make an appearance.

By implementing regular and effective hygiene you are increasing the safety of the workplace and reducing health risks for everyone. To increase this, every employee should be educated on health & safety, and workplace hygiene, particularly so that they can take action themselves. Although every business should hire a designated cleaning janitor to come in on a daily basis, employees can also ensure the workplace remains clean by disposing of their garbage, cleaning their desks after use, and regularly washing their hands.

Reduce Workplace Accidents

An employee or visitor suffering from a personal injury whilst at work can have serious detrimental effects on the business's financial position as well as overall image. Ensuring the health and well-being of employees is crucial, and this should be a business's top priority.

A disorganized workplace is often the perfect environment for an injury to take place. With objects everywhere, potentially presenting a serious hazard, people may easily trip over something, or slip on a wet surface and get seriously injured.

This can be avoided by maintaining cleanliness regularly – this means that any spillages are instantly cleaned up, every corridor is free of random, unnecessary items and that policies reinforcing and promoting hygiene in the workplace are up to date and employees are aware and familiar with these.

Cleanliness is highly important to maintain a business' reliability. Ensuring the sanitization of the workplace improves image overall and contributes to employees' physical and mental wellbeing. A clean place of work is a safe and healthy environment. And a healthy workplace supports business growth and goal attainment.


Daria Brown