Purchasing or renovating your home is always exciting. You get the opportunity to build and decorate a place solely based on your needs and preferences. Even though this can be thrilling, people tend to forget how important it is to have good air quality because they are focused on other aspects.

Most brand-new houses are properly sealed and insulated, still, there isn't enough airflow. If you do not do something about it, this situation can lead to various unpleasant air conditions inside. Why is that happening? Well, it's because the same air is constantly re-circulated throughout your house.

Since we are spending most of our time indoors, it's crucial to do something about it. Breathing in clean air indoors is of great relevance for our health, therefore, do whatever you can to make sure the air you breathe is clean enough.

Is The Air In Your House Really Clean?

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to this is that they think that air pollution is not going to enter their homes. They think that it will either hit someone else or is going to stay outside.

Unfortunately, what they forget is that the air inside their house is probably way more polluted than the air outside. It's because it is filled with numerous chemicals that classic cleaners contain, as well as, formaldehyde, asbestos, etc.

Now, besides them, your home also is full of pet dander, even if you don't have a furry friend. How come, you probably wonder?! Well, pet dander is widely known as a community allergen which means that you cannot avoid it easily. You probably either have a friend who has a pet or you have passed by someone who has a dog/cat and all these people carry the pet dander with them.

How To Make Sure Your Home Is Protected?

Start from scratch - First, it's important to take some basic steps like air-condition servicing. Unfortunately, many people forget to maintain it which may result in some serious problems. If you haven't done it before, make sure to hire someone experienced.

When it comes to this service, Singapore prides itself in the quality that it delivers to the clients. So, if you live near or in this city, you will run into numerous aircon servicing corporations that are offering great servicing deals. Therefore, if you live in Singapore, you will easily find aircon servicing Singapore that will help you keep your units well-maintained. This will also benefit your health greatly!

Keep in mind that the air conditioner is filled with dust and bacteria, so if you don't get it clean, you will increase your chances of getting allergies or worsening asthma. Further, servicing will get rid of all those harmful things.

Replace the insulation - Now, here's another thing you can do to improve the air quality in your house. Old insulation could be potentially harmful (if it's not properly installed) for you because it could start releasing chemicals with high levels of volatile organic compounds or flame retardants.

That's why replacing the old one will only enhance the indoor air quality of your house. The most commonly used type of insulation is spray foam, however, it has to be done by a professional otherwise, it may lead to numerous threats and dangers.

Fortunately, in the past couple of years, the insulation industry has improved a lot and worked on various strategies to ensure that each procedure is safe for you and your family. As previously mentioned, that's why it's crucial to hire someone experienced who is going to be able to install new insulation and make your house as safe as possible.

Type Of Air Pollutants

Now, if you do not own a house but you live in a building, then you will "come across" these common types of air pollutants.

Particles - They represent either liquid or firm substances that are suspended in the air. Various hazardous particles (from dirt or dust) can enter the building or they can be made by different activities that have happened inside the house.

Biological contaminants - They are filled with viruses, dust mite allergen, pollen, bacteria, cockroach allergen, animal dander, etc. If your building hasn't been cleaned in a while then these pollutants have probably affected it. Make sure to talk to your neighbors in order to do something about it because inadequate maintenance can lead to various allergies and other health issues.

Chemical pollutants - This refers to both naturally occurring chemical compounds and the ones made by people. It involves emissions from things that were utilized in your building, different gases, pollutants from tobacco smoke, etc.

As we mentioned in the beginning, people often overlook the quality of the air inside their house, and as you can see countless problems can be caused precisely by this. Ensuring your home has first-class air quality must be a priority for anyone who wants to stay healthy and prevent any negative things from happening.


Daria Brown