There are many aspiring actors, models, and professionals in New York who must maintain a certain level of physical appearance in order to be successful. Considering the size of the city alone, it comes as no surprise that cosmetic procedures are popular in NYC, providing residents with plenty of options for New York medical spas like Skinly Aesthetics. There are a variety of minimally invasive treatments available today, with Botox being one of the most popular. Botox was once reserved for celebrities and the New York elite, but is now a treatment familiar to most households around town. Moreover, Botox is not only for middle-aged and senior adults to get rid of wrinkles already present. However, young adults as young as 20 have become hugely popular with it. What is the point of getting Botox before wrinkles even show up? In addition to wrinkle reduction and prevention, Botox offers numerous additional benefits. Aside from removing wrinkles, Botox has a few other uses - here are some before and afters.

Botox eliminates fine lines and wrinkles mainly in the crow's feet, frown lines, and horizontal lines on our foreheads. This treatment paralyzes the muscle where it is administered, preventing muscle contraction, which stops your face from forming lines and wrinkles when you contract your facial muscles. Thus, Botox not only eliminates existing lines and wrinkles, but also prevents new ones from forming, hence, why so many young adults are hopping on the Botox train, to prevent the overall signs of aging.

Cosmetic purposes are not the only uses of Botox. In fact, it has several. The masseters can then be injected with Botox to relax and reduce the size of the muscles around your jawline, resulting in a slimmer, more youthful appearance. Another use of it is to create a lip flip. This turns your upper lip upwards, creating a plumper, fuller appearance on the top lip. Additionally, Botox can be injected above the lip to prevent or treat gummy smiles, which are when teeth and gums are fully visible when someone smiles. In order to reduce the gummy smile, Botox can relax the muscles above the lip so that they lift up less. A Botox injection behind the eyebrow can also create a more awake appearance by lifting the arch slightly.

Botox can also be used medically in addition to aesthetic purposes, as it's intended use prior to FDA approval for aesthetics. For TMJ treatment, Botox can be injected into the masseters. Furthermore, chronic migraines, twitching of the eyes, and muscle spasms can be treated with this drug. As well as hyperhidrosis, Botox is commonly used to treat excessive sweating, which is common in New York during the humid summers.

It's important to note that Botox is more than just a treatment for eliminating wrinkles, which is why it is so popular with even younger individuals who want to prevent wrinkles on their faces, or treat one of the above mentioned conditions. Prior to scheduling your Botox appointment, check with a well-trained and licensed physician to confirm that you are a candidate.


Sarah Graham