Want to start a personal or corporate blog? Don't know where to start and what to do? Well, it is quite an adventure you're trying to get yourself into, but we will definitely help you achieve success in this area.
In this piece, we gathered information about all the useful tools and apps you need to use to create the most amazing and successful blog in your life.
First, we will explore what can make your blog popular and then take a closer look at some of the tools that will help you to get there. Let's go!

What can you do to make your blog popular?

Blogging is not only for sharing your opinions online. Well, of course, it is very important, but you can do more than just that. Frankly, blogging is an excellent way for startups and new companies to get recognized because blogs are very powerful tools for promotion. Doesn't it sound exciting?
To make your blog popular, you need to work on it daily and follow simple but effective rules all successful bloggers follow to make their blogs look good. Here are these rules:
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These rules are not so hard to follow, but you do need a lot of time, dedication, and tools to make it happen. Now, let's talk about some programs and apps that will help you achieve that.

Text improving tools

There are thousands of blogging tips considering writing in general on the internet. Some of them are good, some are not. You see, creating engaging content takes not only talent but also a skill you get writing more and more articles.
But not only beautiful wording matters here. To make your posts attractive to a reader, they must be impeccable and eye-catching.
First of all, always check and double-check your grammar. People can absolutely throw a hundred of your wise words because of one misspelled word. Here you can use a good old grammar checker to help you with that and use a couple of them to make sure that everything is perfect.
Also, we recommend you use a headline generator to get very spunky and creative headlines every time. Of course, it's okay if you come up with one, but a little help won't hurt here, right?
As for the "eye-catching part," let's move to visuals.

Testing Tools

When you are willing to explore test automation and software testing, you will soon have a whole host of tools available to you which will help to enhance your business and website. Testrigor test automation tool can help you to focus on what matters instead of being tied down with the long-winded maintenance tests that go hand in hand with running a large corporation. Not only will this maximize productivity, but it will also help you to save a tonne of time with regards to maintenance. You deserve to have more time to focus on your specialist skills, so why not allow intelligent testing software to do the heavy lifting for you?

Software for visuals

Here we include every tool you need for creating high-quality visual content for your blog. Of course, if you find that writing is your passion and you don't need any pictures to make your texts amazing, it's your truth.
However, you must acknowledge that big chunks of text without any infographics, pictures, or videos look just boring for a modern user. That's a fact.
So, to be in line with present-day trends, we suggest you create plenty of visual content using every tool that can help you in this task: photo editing tools, screen recorders, and video editing software.
First of all, we advise you to take all the photos on your own and avoid stock photos, unless it is necessary. Unique visual content can make people speechless, and that's exactly what we are trying to do here. Take a class or a course on photo editing to master the art of retouching: trust us, this money will give you so much more back!
The same is applicable to video editing software. Take classes to learn how to create and edit videos and vlogs for your blog because, let's be real, at least some video content is necessary for your blog!
Do not stop on just regular photos or videos. We suggest you bring your visual content to another level and create tutorials, how-tos, and other educational content for your followers. You can create them in traditional style or create presentations with a voiceover using a screen recorder.
It is an absolutely amazing, quick, easy method to create video content, and what's even more important, it's free!

SEO tools

Last but not least, part of our piece is about SEO optimization tools. The blogosphere is a very competitive environment, and your blog, no matter how good your content is, can't achieve the top without using good SEO tools and practices.
The process starts with creating a keyword pool for your blog and every article. You can use keyword generators like Google's free Keyword Tool to find the best keywords to include in the text. If you are new to SEO, involve a specialist to help you at first, but trust us, gathering keywords is not that hard.
Next, you need to optimize your headlines, title, and description according to your SEO needs. Some content management systems (you may know them as CMS) have in-built SEO plugins like Yoast SEO for WordPress, so we recommend you to use them too.
Next, you can use services like Ahrefs or Semrush to research your competitors, look at their blogs' backlink profiles and try to recreate something like that with your posts.

In conclusion

Whether you plan to start blogging about life or about your company, you need apps and tools to help raise your posts from "ordinary" and "nice" to "excellent" and "how have I managed to survive without it before?"
There are many other tools you can use to improve your blog, but start with a basic toolbox we gathered for you and slowly expand it to make it just perfect for your needs. Good luck!