At present, the concept of cryptocurrency is considered the most invested market within the entire financial platform around the world. The introduction of bitcoin in the market is the main reason for the inclining hype of cryptocurrencies. Check out the reason to care about bitcoin taproot . In simple terms, they are private digital tokens that are not regulated and issued by the country's central authority. 
Trading is the primary source of income with the help of cryptocurrency because of its high volatility. Investors are required to have full knowledge of cryptocurrency like this as well as its risk factors. If you consider investing in cryptocurrency the new thing, it would be wise to have a basic knowledge of the risks involved in the cryptocurrency market. 
To start crypto trading, you must know the risks, including the upsides and downsides that might affect your investment decision. Some prominent concerns are Internet fraud, cyber thefts, etc. 
1. lack of regulation: 
Cryptocurrencies are being used as digital assets traded on the Internet. Due to its unregulated nature, there are chances of fraud or hacking. There is also a possibility of getting conned with the help of fake news related to cryptocurrency. If a scammer gets your sensitive information, he can use it against you. Cryptocurrency is not regulated, and an investor might lose his asset by investing in the wrong markets. 
It's crucial to have full knowledge of cryptocurrencies before starting to trade to avoid any loss. Apart from the market volatility, there are chances of losing money by investing in the wrong currency. In addition, there is a risk of violating government laws if you invest in the cryptocurrency market because it is not regulated. Therefore, to start trading, you must be aware of legal regulations before investing. 
Digital tokens can remain safe in virtual wallets and vulnerable to hackers. They might access your sensitive information, which is stored in the system, like passwords, private keys, and other account details. Hackers who get sensitive information can steal your fund from the exchange or wallet.
2. Tax-based concern:
The government does not regulate cryptocurrencies, so it's impossible to pay taxes on them. It might result in poor tax returns and an increased cost to your household's financial budget. Your household financial budget will be compromised by trading if you fail to pay cryptocurrency taxes. Government tax officials might audit you and ask for a statement of tax liability with them.
3. High-risk due to easy access:
Cryptocurrencies are not regulated, and therefore there is a high risk of falling into fraud with their easy access on the web. For example, hackers can gain access to your cryptocurrency wallet ID, meaning you might lose money. In addition, there are chances of being scammed by fake online crypto exchange platforms. Usually, they are associated with payment gateways from where you might lose your fund by transferring it to the wrong market of the cryptocurrency.
4. Unstable value of cryptocurrency:
Cryptocurrencies are digital tokens that the country's central bank does not regulate. As a result, an investor might fall into a loss by investing in the wrong market with high volatility. Cryptocurrency is unstable and might cause heavy losses if you are unaware of its risks, such as unclean hacking, exchange website fraud, etc.
There is a high risk of falling into a loss if you are unaware of the risks associated with cryptocurrencies. Due to the high volatility, you should not recommend it to beginners. Furthermore, if you are unwise enough to trade in the wrong market, you might experience heavy losses, which can be expensive for your household budget.
5. Market risks:
It's crucial to compare different cryptocurrency exchanges before deciding which exchange you should use for your trading. If you trade with the wrong exchange, it can lead to a loss of your money. Technology has changed the digital market scenario, and technology may get updated in the future. Cryptocurrency is not immune from technology risk as companies related to cryptocurrency are being updated with the latest technologies, which can result in a risk for the investor. There are chances of getting conned with the wrong platform, which can result in money loss. 


Siarra K