Today, the ability to correctly write an essay according to context and purpose is very important. Every student needs to know the format in which the text is written to consistently express the ideas in it, as well as to make it coherent and understandable to the target audience who will read it. If you've ever wondered how can I write my essay properly, then read on to learn about the right structure of the paper.
How many parts is an essay divided into?

Usually, an essay is presented with a three-part structure but what really makes up the structure are the style and organization therefore an essay can have a structure of up to 6 parts.


Sentence or paragraph with which an essay begins to develop which seeks to attract the reader's interest and interest in the topic. In case you want to present a paragraph as an introduction, we must present the objective that will be raised in the essay and obviously the topic that will cover and explain the content and subtopics or chapters, the introduction should cover at least 10% of the essay and must be expressed its exact objective to fully attract the reader's attention. 
The introduction can be a question, reflection, statistics, or timely fact.  An introduction can be extensive and can cover several paragraphs.
Summary: Sentence or paragraph with which you begin to develop an essay that seeks to draw the reader's interest and interest in the subject.

Topic Development

We have already presented the introduction of an essay and how it can be covered, now we will proceed to present the topic development within the structure of an essay. To begin developing the topic we must first state the main ideas using several paragraphs, we can also include the secondary ideas, explain them and present our own ideas. The main ideas must be supported by some kind of information media, whether it is a book, a magazine, or the Internet.
Each paragraph should usually discuss a topic that is covered in the essay, either one idea or another so that the ideas are intertwined and facilitate their coherence and unity. This section of the structure of an essay should cover at least 80% of the content to be presented.
Summary: Development on the topic to be covered by presenting your own ideas which are supported by a source, should cover at least 80% of the content of the essay.


We have already developed our essay and we move on to the part of its structure in which we will present our final conclusion on the topic we have covered. The conclusion will present a synthesis in which the most outstanding ideas that the author considers and estimates in his work can be presented as well as his ideas. 
We can present some suggestions or ideas as previously reported proposing an analysis, all this should cover at least 10% of the essay and before closing the essay we must present a final comment. To close the essay, you should not only introduce a final comment but also raise new questions or concerns you have about the topic covered. 
Summary: Analysis of everything written presenting our ideas and suggestions covering at least 10% of the essay. 

What steps should I follow to write an essay? - Before and During

Before going on with the structure we want to cover this important question in case some of you have asked it. There are a lot of useful guides that help you with that. Before writing an essay we should:
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While writing an essay:
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Finally, reference is made to what was written and the sources that were used to gather the information presented and support our ideas and criticisms are provided. 
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Remember the following: An Essay should ask the following questions: What is it? (Main Objective), How? (Method), Where? (Space), When? (Time) and Why? (Justification).

How is an essay evaluated?

Take into account the following criteria since these will be the ones that will be used when evaluating your essay and if you want to get the best grade possible you must take them into account in detail.
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Tip: Try to write short paragraphs to facilitate reading and present the main ideas that accompany and complement the essay, do not write as if it were a list of data, and be inspired. 
And remember that the only beneficiary of everything you do in your life is you, so make your best effort and your work will pay off.


Clara Rose