There is a lot of talk about women's empowerment in today's world, but we are still seeing a lot of issues around gender equality—women being beaten down by the media, women not represented equally in executive roles.
Over the last few years, women have been carving their own niche and empowering each other in business due to a lack of support from other sources.
During Women History Month, we have asked some powerhouse women, entrepreneurs, authors, and speakers on what Women Empowerment means to them, and here are their answers below:
Lauren Marsicano, Esq., Business Lawyer, Networking Maverick, Confidence Queen, and Founder of the nonprofit, Women for Success
"The European Institute for Gender Equality states that it has five distinct components:
1) Women’s sense of self-worth
2) Their right to have and to determine choices
3) Their right to have access to opportunities and resources
4) Their right to have power to control their own lives, both within and outside the home
5) Their ability to influence the direction of social change to create a more just, social and economic order, nationally and internationally
When I look at these five elements, I picture them as the five fingers of the larger hand that is women empowerment, and at the heart, the palm of this hand is connection. Yes, all five elements are important for self-determination and choice, but no woman is an island. We can bring these elements together when we extend the hand to other women when we lift as we climb when we offer our hand in friendship and support. When women come together, MAGIC happens, Queens! That is at the foundation for our nonprofit, Women for Success, and it is the way we create that generational impact that we need now more than ever."
Elizabeth Cann - Ex-professional Athlete, High-Performance Expert, and Business Coach 
"When we come together as women who appreciate the power of lifting each other up, we get to experience a level of connection that raises the standards of society. That kind of love and support elevates the collective consciousness and ripples out to other women, men and children. When we become empowered by the support of another woman we feel inspired to pay it forward to others, and before we know it we have started a positive chain of events that the world needs right now. When we join forces rather than being in opposing teams, by replacing competition with the power of collaboration we all rise together."
Karishma Sharma - Spiritual Business Mindset Coach,  Energetics Queen,  Breakthrough Expert, and International Speaker
"Women empowerment is a feeling, a sense, and a knowing that all women from all walks of life are incredibly limitless. We can empower each other by shining the light and guiding women back home to their true limitless selves within. When we truly believe we have what it takes to overcome every challenge, every obstacle, and every moment of doubt - we embody our true greatness and thrive."
Rochelle Walsh - Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Advanced Trained EMDR Practitioner
"Women empowerment means not only lifting up the woman next to you…. but the one across the world. Not only do we celebrate the connection with women in our families and circle of friends, with whom we share culture and values, but we celebrate those whose lives we truly know nothing about. We celebrate our individual uniqueness, as well as, the commonalities that bind us together. Encouraging, supporting, and lifting one another up… women joining together in mutual growth makes us stronger together than we ever could be alone!"
Khady Gaye - Global HR Leader, DEI Change agent, Inspirational storyteller
"We have come a long, long way and there is still a long way to go. The difference is that women are supporting each other. Women have realized that they are the solution and are bringing lasting change. We are using our voices to lift each other up, embarking girls and women in our journey where empowerment is central as we are unstoppable together."
Nina Goswami - 50/50 Project, Creative Diversity Lead at BBC
"We can empower each other by shouting proudly about each other’s achievements and successes. The way I see it we shouldn’t be in competition with each other. Instead, we should try and lift each other up. Every time we shine a spotlight on brilliant a woman, I am sure many more women feel inspired."
Misty Knight - MSW, BSW, Certified Virtual Life Coach at Misty Knight Coaching
"Women empowerment means that women support other women in everything. This means that we stop judging one another for our actions, our choices as moms, and what we choose to wear, etc. Instead, we recognize that we are all unique and we are all uniquely qualified to bring value to the world."
Julie Allen - CEO, Mary Rose NW Boutique. Founder, Mary Rose Foundation. Author and Eating Disorder Awareness Activist.
"Women Empowerment is a movement. Women empowering women. Standing up to diet culture and refusing to be put into a box that is deemed acceptable by society. When women learn how to treat themselves with compassion and shift the focus away from their bodies, the world will change."
Emem Washington - Success Coach for Difference Makers and TEDx Coach ModaVida, LLC
"Women empowerment is the magic that happens when a woman realizes that not only does she belong in the room, but there is a seat at the table with her name on it, regardless of who she is, where she comes from, or who else is at the table. There’s a ripple effect that happens when a woman recognizes and owns her identity and innate power, and finds a way to maneuver beyond the “gatekeepers”."
Megan Nolan - Health and Vitality Coach
"Within each one of us lies the qualities that we need in order to succeed and THRIVE, it’s just a matter of awakening and expressing them. To me, this is women empowerment as we realize our own strength, resiliency, and brilliance and allow these gifts to shine as we share them with ourselves and the world."
Kiki Rozema, CEO, Founder, Smoothies Tank Tops, named as one of the Women to Watch in 2021. 
"Connection, Mindset, and Confidence. This trifecta propels us into 2021 and onwards with a clear purpose, understanding, and empathy. What the world needs right now is for entrepreneurs to be open to evolving; our population has so much more to offer than a minority niche. If you're already functioning this way or are willing to start, the possibilities for success on a social and financial level are virtually endless."
Renay Althea - Confidence Coach, Founder of A Pinch Of Confidence
"Women empowerment means creating spaces for women to uplift and support one another. Empowerment encourages collaboration over competition and reflects an abundance mindset, where we all shine."
Tesha and Candice Matthew, Loa Twins - Law of Attraction Business Experts
"We can all make a difference through consciously choosing to understand the fear we hold and making it our responsibility to heal and love ourselves. In loving ourselves we unconsciously influence others to love us for who we are at a soul level. Impactful change happens when we ALL learn to truly let go of the past and openly embrace hope for the future of us and ALL. "
Valérie Mège - Mindset and self-confidence coach
"Women empowerment for me means freedom: the freedom to make our own choices, to live the life we choose, with a sense of self-worth and rock-solid self-confidence. It's supporting all women to reach their full potential, helping them to identify the limiting beliefs that hold them back, empowering them to be, do and have whatever they want, because they deserve it, just because they are part of this world. Today more than ever, we need to be united, supporting and empowering each other, making everyone feel that they belong. And I think it's important to involve men in this, to show them how to be our allies, because together, we are stronger."
I hope you enjoyed reading about what women empowerment means for women all around the world. 
For me, women empowerment is celebrating the achievements of women every day. Coming together to support, encourage and uplift each other. Creating a safe space to express ourselves, to collaborate, and speak our truth. 
Raimonda Jankunaite - Founder at Women in Business Club, Visibility Expert, Mentor & Coach, International Speaker
This is why I am so passionate about bringing women together and hosting events, like the Women Thrive Summit, where we can give the platform to all to share their voice and reach the hearts and minds of people globally. 
If you feel inspired by these incredible women, go ahead and save your seat for the Women Thrive Summit happening in March 2021, so you can be inspired and empowered to succeed and thrive in business. 
I am honored to support and uplift women through our Women in Business community and a platform, that we built over the last few years, where we able to bring opportunities like this to life. So all women have a safe and supportive space to grow and flourish.