Thanks to COVID-19, live streams are now a necessity in most industries. As working from home gets mainstream, more people have had to adapt to a new normal of virtual meetings. These meetings have increased significantly, necessitating the need to invest in good hardware. Besides the corporate world, live streams have also become commonplace on social media platforms like IG and Facebook. 
So, how do you make sure you look your best during these streams? Here is how:

Get Good Hardware

The first and most obvious tip is getting the right gear for the job. This can also be the most expensive part of an amazing live stream.
There are numerous pieces of equipment you will need to purchase. The first one is a camera. A great camera will make sure everything is looking as sharp as you want it to. It will capture even the minor to improve the overall touch of your videos.
There are so many cameras on the market today. They also come at different price points, so you should be able to find one that is within your budget.
Also, if you cannot afford a great camera just yet, consider buying a good smartphone. Smartphone cameras have improved tremendously in the last few years. And you don’t even have to spend lots of cash on flagships to get a decent camera. 
In addition to the camera, you may have to get other items like a tripod, LED lights, a microphone, and even a green screen. These gadgets will increase the quality of streams exponentially, but they are not a necessity if you have a limited budget.

Find a Great Location

An amazing location can help you get away with so many imperfections in your live stream. So be very wise with where you decide to set up your studio.
Consider adding items like indoor plants in the background to make the stream look lively. You may also want to include a few good-looking personal items and some beautiful colors to make the location more appealing.
Ultimately, you should customize the location to blend with the purpose of the stream. If it’s an official stream, make the location look formal. If it’s a fun late-night IG Live, give it a personal touch with some of your vibrant devices and even some ambient lights.

Look Sharp and Smile for the Camera

Finally, you want to make sure you dress and present yourself in the best way possible. While still staying on the brand, of course. Your dressing should match the mood and agenda of your stream. And so should your demeanor.
If it’s a fun live stream, don’t hesitate to smile and laugh with your audience. The audience enjoys a joyous mood, so don’t be afraid to share your best smile. This is where we encourage individuals to use invisible aligners and get that extra confidence that comes with a perfectly straight smile. Check out this Byte vs. AlignerCo piece for more information on this. The confidence should make it easier to maintain eye contact on the camera, i.e., your audience.
Finally, watch your posture. Use facial expressions and hand movements to add some excitement to the stream!
That’s how to look great in a stream. You should know that it’s okay to not look perfect in the first stream. Everyone starts somewhere, but with practice, you will find yourself on a whole new level in no time!


Clara Rose