The door to the world is wide open, which means you don't need to explore your sexual pleasures only at home. Whether you are traveling alone or on a romantic couple's vacation, consider taking a sex toy with you! For many reasons, finding the best way to travel with sex toys is imperative. After all, it's important to enjoy sexual pleasure while you're on the road! You'll want to keep your vibrator safe and sound, and possibly keep them safely in sight, but remember that there's a long list of rules to follow if you're transporting battery-powered devices, and if on an airplane - dealing with that can make things even more awkward. Here are some things you need to consider before packing your vibrator.

Follow the rules first

Please be aware of the customs and social practices of the place you are visiting. For example, it is illegal to own too many vibrators in Texas, and simply owning a pornographic book or magazine could get you in trouble abroad.
If you are traveling by road then there is nothing to worry about, but if you are traveling by air, please make sure to follow the baggage transport rules. Especially if you plan to carry around lubricants or battery-operated toys, always make sure to pack the lubricant as you would any other liquid. Most importantly, you need to be wary of lithium batteries, which are strictly regulated because of their tendency to explode in the event of a short circuit. Dildos are less of a problem because they are usually made of silicone or jelly rubber and have no mechanical parts. Dildos made of glass or porcelain require special packaging issues - wrapped in a soft cloth. Many vibrators are made of soft materials that quickly collect lint and dirt. It is important to keep these in pristine condition, especially for sanitary reasons, so place your toy in a zippered bag to keep it clean during transport, or wrap it inside clothing to prevent injury from impact.

Road Trip

Driving on a road trip is something I think many people would like to try, but driving all day is likely to cause muscle soreness and fatigue. Then using a vibrator to relieve fatigue is the best! If you let you choose one of the many vibrators to go on a road trip must be very difficult. But I will help you make the choice, in my opinion a 2-in-1 multifunctional vibrator, not only can save space in your suitcase, but also experience a different kind of pleasure. And the multifunctional vibrator can not only be used by one person, if you are traveling with your partner then the vibrator can also serve as an important prop during sex. In addition to being a sex toy, its vibration function can also massage your stiff and sore muscles, as a massage device to use is also a good choice. A perfect companion on a road trip, isn't it?

Airplane Travel

Air travel is the most common way we travel, just not all journeys are suitable for carrying normal sized sex toys. A light and portable vibrator is perfect for air travel if you want to travel light. The best for air travel is of course the bullet vibrator, which has the perfect look to hide the fact that it is a vibrator. (Especially if it's a family trip.) Even if you take it out and put it on the table, people will just think it's lipstick and not think about its actual purpose. But don't underestimate the strength of its vibrations just because it's small, trust me it will bring you to orgasm no slower than any other vibrator.
If you are interested in these vibrators, you can visit the website sohimi, which has a variety of different sex toys that you may be able to find the best one for you.

Don't Be Shy About It

Don't feel shy if your little buddy is spotted at the security check. Having self-confidence is a key element that is necessary to release feelings of embarrassment and shame about sex toys when traveling. So the more confident you are, the easier it will be to get through that moment - which is just a brief moment in your life Just own it. There's no shame in vibrators and self-pleasure, be proud of yourself for putting pleasure first. I hope these tips have been helpful and that you have a pleasant trip!


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