Golf is a very popular sport and one of the most popular sports in the entire world. Golf, unfortunately, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, has been rendered more or less unplayable. Government restrictions imposed have reduced the number of people who can gather in a single place at one time – which has been a detriment to the golfing community. While the golfing community has been unable to gather and play outdoors and in groups, they have been given the opportunity to practice more at their homes. Golf is a game that requires significant practice and skill and is very difficult to play if these are not possessed.
Because of the lockdown and the amount of time many workers have had off, golfers have been in their gardens, enjoying the long, hot summer. And with summer slowly turning to autumn and the leaves of trees beginning to yellow, golfers are looking for other ways to practice their favored sport. This page will tell you a few top ways you can easily practice golf at home, indoors, and outdoors. For a real golf aficionado, look no further than this page.

Digital Coaching

Digital coaching is a fantastic way to improve your golf skills from the comfort of your own home. Digital coaching has become very popular recently, according to the golf specialists of, and that is no surprise considering how much time indoors we have had to face with global lockdowns implemented to restrict our movement and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Digital coaching, for any avid golfer, is a fantastic way for you to learn skills, learn tips, and get better acquainted with the game that you favor above any other.

Crazy Golf

Setting up a crazy golf course in your garden, if the weather will allow, is a fantastic way for you to practice golf and better your swing, all from the comfort of your own home. A crazy golf course is very easily set up and can be done with very basic materials – it just requires a bit of DIY. Many golfers have set up crazy golf courses in their gardens to great success. Crazy golf courses can also be a fantastic way to teach your children how to golf and to cultivate a love and affinity in them for the sport from a very young age.

Video Games

Golfing video games are very successful and can be a very effective method of improving your golfing techniques. Golf requires very strong hand-to-eye coordination. Without hand-to-eye coordination, golf would be virtually unplayable. Truthfully, any video game can be quite good for bettering your hand-to-eye coordination, but a golfing game can make your technique better by learning tactics through the video game. Video games are not good for your eyes in abundance, so limit your playing time to an hour or so a day, and do not exceed that lets you suffer the consequences.


Simulations, like video games, are a very effective and efficient technique of improving your overall golf performance. Simulations work by having you put on a headset that will render a virtual composite of a golf course. You will, through the headset, be actually playing the game, and will see every motion as if you were really playing it. These games will also have you hold a golf club that is connected to the headset, which will help you to feel immersed, as you will feel the weight of the golf club in your hands. Simulations are used by golfers from all levels of skill – and are just by professional golfers and their trainers to actually get better at the game.
A simulation could potentially be a great asset if you are inclined toward technology, and one may seriously improve your quality of play when you are playing golf. The downside to simulation is that they can be very expensive, so expensive in fact, you may not be able to afford one. A single VR set can cost thousands of pounds – but if you have the money to throw around, then investing in one can definitely be of great benefit to you.

Swing Drills

Swing drills are another highly effective method of practicing at golf. You should perform swing drills for around fifteen minutes a day, every day of the week. These drills will help you to improve your performance and technique – as well as to strengthen your arms. It is important you swing properly, which is why swing drills are so effective, as swinging is undoubtedly the most important component of a game of golf. Swing drills should be performed as regularly as is possible and should be perfected until you are content with your performance.
Now, with the help of this page, you know how you can practice golf while at home. Golf is a game that is popular with people of all age groups, and a game many golfers cannot wait to play when things return to normal.


Daria Brown