Life as a student can be difficult in many ways but one of the things most students really struggle with is finances. If you live at home with your parents while attending college, things can be strained financially. However, if you live in student accommodation it can be even worse as you have far more expenses. It is no wonder that so many students are left with little to no money for themselves by the time they have dealt with their other financial commitments.

By finding innovative ways to make money as a student, you can ease the financial strain considerably. It will enable you to earn more money for essentials such as food and travel costs and to enjoy having a little extra cash for socializing, eating out, and spending time enjoying life as a student.
Some of the methods to consider
So, what are the top methods for making some extra cash as a student? Well, here are three easy yet effective means of making extra money:
Using OneClass
One of the ways in which you can make extra money is to go on OneClass and register to provide student notes for other students to benefit from. This is a great way to put your notes to good use, help others who may be falling behind or need extra assistance, and ease the financial strain. With this site, you can earn rewards for uploading your student notes for others to use as study guides. This includes earning gift cards and vouchers from some major retailers and restaurants or even having cash paid into a PayPal account.
Do Online Surveys
If you want something fun to do in your spare time and you want to earn a little extra cash, you can do online surveys. You should note that the amount you earn per survey tends to be very little but if you do enough surveys you can boost the income you are earning. In addition, you can also take surveys for fun as this provides a fun way to fill your spare time and even enables you to voice your opinions and help shape the future of brands.
Go on Fiverr
Another platform that many students use to make considerable amounts of extra cash is Fiverr. This is an excellent site where you can register and offer gigs based on your skills and preferences. For instance, some people offer to write reviews, some create blog posts, others will offer online video editing, and more.
You can offer any service as a gig and for each completed one you earn five dollars. While this may not sound like a lot, these five dollars can really add up, particularly if you are doing 5+ gigs per day, which is very easy to do for most people.
These are just some of the key ways in which you can boost your weekly income and enjoy more financial freedom while you are in college.


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