To be a successful Forex trader, you need to know how to control your emotions and how to trade without feeling too nervous about it. However, this does not mean that you should ignore all of your feelings altogether. Forex trading is a very complex thing and you always need to be as motivated to be the best version of yourself.

Generally, according to some of the greatest scientists, the trait that most women possess by nature is to protect. Because of this, most of the female traders have the need to think about long-term orientation, which makes them very good traders in most cases.

In the history of Forex trading, there have been a number of great women who showed the world how to be a great trader. These women stand to be some of the best Forex traders on the market, and a lot can be learned from their experience.

How to be a successful Forex trader?

For successful trading, there are many things that you need to know. First, you have to learn as much as you can about Forex trading, this is something that will help you in your career. Also, it is very important to find a broker that is authorized and licensed by official regulatory agencies on the market.

It is also very important to always check out guides on how to trade FX news releases since they are something that will provide you with the most accurate and important information. Also, the more information you have, the easier it gets to understand everything about the market.

Kathy Lien

When talking about the most successful female Forex traders, Kathy Lien is the one who comes first to the mind. She studied at the NY University Stern School of Business, and she started working at Wall Street when she was just 18. During her career, Lien worked very hard and ended up spending as much as 13 years in the financial markets, and she mainly focused on G20 currencies.

She played a huge role in creating several well-known trading platforms and is a very famous name in the world of Forex. She has also published several books and has been very successful during her career.

Raghee Horner

Raghee Horner is a very much valued contributor to the world of Forex. She mainly focuses on FX, Currency ETFs, and Futures. She started trading at a very early age when she was still in high school, and as she said, she would draw charts by hand, and then she would calculate all the indicators by herself.

Linda Raschke

Linda Raschke started trading professionally many years ago, in the early 1980s. She has a very long history of working in the market, she has worked very actively for many years in stock options. She was a very active employee of the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange and the Philadelphia Stock Exchange for a total of 6 years, after which, she started trading herself as a day trader.

Since then, she has established many companies and influenced Forex trading development a lot. She is also regarded as some of the greatest traders of all time, having written many books about her experience, trading, and personal life.

Jennifer Fan

Fan graduated from the business school with a degree in finance, statistics, and operation research when she was just 19, at the age when most people are just starting college. She has worked for many well-known people on the market and gained experiences very quickly from some of the best people.

Jennifer today is a hedge fund manager specializing in finding relative value in energy and agriculture markets, she has worked for very many well-known companies and has been very successful ever since her early 20s.

Abigail Johnson

Abigail has had the privilege to be born in a family with a very long successful financial history. Her father is none-other than Edward C. Johnson III, who is a Chairman of Fidelity Investments, the company was actually founded by the grandfather of Abigail. A few years ago, she became CEO of the company and has had a very successful run.

Although this history helped her to become very successful in the market, it is no doubt that she has worked very hard for everyone that she has.

The success of these women is very important in this predominantly male market. These women give many women on the market today the hope that no matter where they come from if they put their mind to it, they can be very successful.


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