Bitcoin has taken over the cryptocurrency market, but it has also entered into many other industries. There are multiple companies across the world and different industries which are using bitcoin for multiple things. Mainly, it is used for payments, but some companies use it as a store of wealth. So, if you are unaware of these details, perhaps you should know about them because they will shape your future. Moreover, the future of cryptocurrencies will only flourish if it is associated with other industries. So, today, we will be giving you information about this top company which is implementing the use of Blockchain and bitcoin to make sure that they flourish and get successful. So, if you are planning to trade Bitcoin, consider knowing about Forex trading with Bitcoin


The very first company that started using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and its operation is Wikipedia. It is the world's first and largest company to use open source and encyclopaedia. Moreover, it started accepting township donations in the form of bitcoins right when it needed funds from the people. So, it is an essential part of the world and accepts bitcoin payments.


Another prominent company in the world that has started accepting cryptocurrency payments is ancient. It is a Microsoft company, and if you want to set up your account, you can pay using bitcoin. Moreover, in the past, it also started to accept cryptocurrency payments in bitcoin for selling its goods. So, it is one of the essential companies selling their goods and services using crypto coins like bitcoin.

Burger King

Burger King is the most important fast food chain which has its outlets all over the world. As per the reports, it is set at Burger King, located in different parts of the world and will accept cryptocurrency payments with an active partnership with cryptocurrency firms. Moreover, it will use bitcoin as a mode of payment and will be receiving the same in terms of the payment for its goods and services.


KFC is one of the most important fast food companies all over the world, and it is very well known all over the world. This is because it sells fried chicken, and therefore, it is trendy. Moreover, its outlet in Canada decides to receive cryptocurrency payments for the services it is providing to the customers. Therefore, it is very prevalent, and it is very well famous for its cryptocurrency payments and crispy chicken.


Overstock is another famous American online retailer with outlets in different corners worldwide. A partnership with a cryptocurrency exchange allows it to use cryptocurrency payments as exceptions. The company decided not to open its payment gateway in the cryptocurrencies and, therefore, decided to have a partnership for the cryptocurrency exchange. Moreover, the partnership was fruitful, and it can accept payments in bitcoin.


Multiple fast food companies have entered into the cryptocurrency space as payment acceptors, but the subway is a prominent one among them. There are several Subway outlets which are accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Moreover, they are accepting only bitcoin and not any other digital token because it's the most popular. It provides the company with a better reputation in the market.


It is not only the fast food chain or the retailers accepting cryptocurrency payments, but online game streaming platforms are also very well aware of this service. Therefore, they became the first man to accept cryptocurrency payments worldwide, which has given the company a lot of popularity among the people. As a result, it is a prevalent company nowadays.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is the next on the list of fast food companies accepting bitcoin. It has its outlets worldwide, and therefore, it is also very good at accepting bitcoin payments. You must purchase the services, and you can pay using bitcoin on its outlet store. It is easy in that it's up.

Miami Dolphins

In 2022, Miami Dolphins also announced that it would accept bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies as payment for its services. Moreover, the company also started its charitable trust, which will make payments for the common good of people. So, if you want to pay as a donation, you can easily do so with the help of bitcoins.

Virgin Galactic

Virgin mobile companies, as well as virgin airlines, are one of the most prominent companies across the globe that have started accepting cryptocurrency payments. The company's CEO made this announcement towards the beginning of 2022, and the company says it will be the best venture for the company of all time.


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