Come on, ladies, spit it out! What’s your turn-on? What kinds of images get your juices flowing? Do you realize that your sexual viewing appetite tells you more about yourself than anything else can? It is your true you!
Are you secretly turned on by semen-dripping scenes and raunchy, loud men like I am? And turned off by it (like I also am)? What are your go-to body parts for intimate satisfaction?
Since we’re all pandemic proven, much of us are taken over by our quiet lifestyles, you know, the things that we do when no one else is watching or when we are seeking self-driven personal satisfaction. For some people, this concept evokes manipulative behavior, where they begin to move people like chess pieces. For others, it causes them to shrink into themselves, forlornly, requiring the satisfaction to be definite, proven, and readily accessible.
For this reason, pornography is really telling of our decision-making styles, our character, and it is a peek into our general visualization realm.  So what do you enjoy secretly?
Spit it out! And at the same time, what do you eschew? It is part of our forward movement. From the looks of it, pornography is still very clearly intended to please men, and women are typically reduced to obsequiously nasal voices and seemingly left sore, all for the satisfaction of globs of nameless, male viewers. I find myself wondering lots of things when I watch these scenes...what are they doing in broad daylight?! How did they get there? How do they really feel, especially afterward? Sigh! Sometimes that’s the end of my viewing pleasure as I mull these details with a genuine concern for the players involved!
And then I remind myself that they are adults with choices and certainly the willingness to suffer for them—sometimes in obvious ways! I have a feeling that they hide their regrets, though, so I wonder how many would continue to swing the term “YOLO” as freely as some human beings do.
‘YOLO’ is careless, as it invokes a spirit off living-for-the-now that is not longevity-based and, thus, is essentially evil. Are dysentery, emotional instability, and a marginalized lifestyle worth it? If any of you know any pornstars, send them my way! I have a few questions for them. If this is you, then come on through too! It’s a win-win for both of us, I am sure, as these men and women are given a voice, ears, and direction so that we can connect a little more and not see them as the unspeakable of our world.
The reality is that pornography drives our sexual tastes, and if we are going the wrong way, porn stars should clear up their lies and let us know!