Driving is an integral part of our society. It is necessary for getting from one place to the other and extremely important when it comes to traveling to work. While public transit is always an option, those who do not live in the city do not have the choice. As a result the majority of people in society have a license and drive a car on a daily basis.
While driving is extremely convenient, it can also be dangerous. Thousands of car accidents occur daily and while most are minor, there are some that cause serious injuries or are even fatal. Fortunately, there are driving tips you can employ to stay safe as a driver and protect yourself if any harm does come your way.
Here is the ultimate safety guide for driving beginners.

Leave a 3 Second Gap Between Cars

One of the most basic and important rules to understand is that it is extremely dangerous to tailgate another car. Tailgating will not give you sufficient enough time to stop and therefore, if the driver in front of you breaks, you will cause an accident.
How far back should you be from the next car? Well it all depends on the speed that you are traveling at. If both cars are traveling slow, you do not need that much time to stop, therefore you can be closer to the next car.
On the highway however, as both cars are traveling fast, you will need plenty of room in order to safely stop. Not only that, but highway accidents are much more dangerous. This is why people came up with what is known as the three second rule.
How does it work? Simply pick look at the car in front of you and see where it is on the road. It should take your car three seconds to arrive at where they were. If you got there in under two seconds, you should strongly consider backing off and giving more room. If you or the car behind you does not respect this rule, an accident is much more likely to occur.
If you have been injured as a result of a car accident, especially if a driver failed to follow safe driving protocol, you should hire an attorney and contact police. While safe driving is important, it is also important to know what to do should something bad happen. Always give a 3 second gap between the car in front of you.

Always Check Your Blind Spots

 As taught when you are studying for your permit test, when it comes time to merge or change lanes, you have to make sure that the way is clear. This can easily be done by checking the three mirrors on your car. However, only doing this will leave you vulnerable to the blind spots on your car. Here on CarBibles you can find the list of the perfect blind spot detection systems if you want to upgrade your car.
Every car will have a blindspot on either side of it. This area will not be visible to the mirrors and can conceal a car. If you do not turn your head to check before your lane switch, you are risking merging into someone and causing an accident.
Even if you know there are no cars around you, it is important that you develop the habit to always check to your right and left before changing lanes. This is one of the most important safety tips for beginner drivers.

Obey and Be Aware of All Street Signs

This might sound like an obvious tip, but you would be amazed at the amount of people who completely ignore street signs on the road. Always follow street signs as they help other drivers to know what you are going to do.
This goes for speed signs as well. Many people are liberal with speed signs and will go over by quite a bit. Try to keep with traffic flow, but don't jeopardize getting a ticket and breaking the law.
While following these signs might be the easy part, being aware of them as other drivers approach is equally important. Defensive and safe driving means that you are able to anticipate, predict, and prevent any problems from happening on the road.
If you see a car approaching a stop sign with no signs of slowing down, be ready to stop yourself or to avoid them. Despite them having a sign, you have to be aware and be ready to drive defensively. Always ensure that you are obeying and also being aware of all street signs.
With these three tips, you are on the way to becoming a safe and defensive driver. It might be annoying to have to always be aware of what others are doing on the road, however it is your own life that is on the line.
Don't be afraid to slow down or stop if necessary, and always do what is necessary to remain safe while driving on the road. Never assume what drivers are going to do as well as this can lead to accidents. How do you plan on driving safe?


Daria Brown