People's basic needs -- it's an interesting concept that drives us to do "crazy" things.  Reporters have noted that the number of emigrants at the border have surged after the last three inaugurations. But the real master here is death, as it is only such costs that would cause people to flee their homelands, face dire consequences and still remain hopeful that their lives could improve by the recognition of our leader that this world has to change, starting with US. 
The fact is, the United States exported and enabled many of the dire situations that the world faces today Through its numerous political interventions, motivated by its need to preserve its power globall.  Thus, the US may have created needs that it is now required to be fixed in a humane manner.  
As I wrote in my recent article, Not So Salty, America on Medium, moving forward, we are called upon to fix our world's problems using common sense. The future calls for NO debates, as it demands kindness, decency, fairness, and rights—the same that should be handily doled out to American citizens—the neediest cases—time and time again until we're shored up as a nation! President Joe Biden recently pushed for a generous relief package that has coined him the title "Moneybag Joe" by some of his internet faves, which is no doubt a good step towards the right direction. But it is, in no way, enough of an act to correct the centuries of mistreatment to America's most desolate!  
The future calls for NO debates, as it demands kindness, decency, fairness, and rights...
I am a believer in reparations and monthly stipends as previously proposed by Andrew Yang and other candidates, as regularly shoring up the sick will only bring health to systems that they bog down. And periodically putting money in people's pockets will only improve their system—the systems of  government. 
With more money, people will feel less stressed and more appreciative of this establishment and they will naturally grow to be more compliant and supportive citizens. And sure enough, congeniality would improve. 
But this can only happen over time as the world's stress is continually relieved and the people become more knowledgeable about their lands, their opportunities, and their surroundings. Ownership is and will gradually become more and more of an important concept as it teaches at a level unlike all others of usage; thus, this aspect of reparation should not be ignored.
In regards to the migrants, I doubt there will ever be a one-size-fits-all solution for such a vast demographic, but if the US sends immigrants back to their native lands, it should at least be done in good faith and in cooperation with their governments for protection, the same way America would offer. Standards must be kept, or our financial support for these nations should cease. It is that simple.