It is generally more difficult to lose weight for women than males. Therefore, women often look for remedies and medication to lose weight. If you have gained weight due to biological reasons then you must consult your doctor and should avoid taking any supplements, however, if you have gained weight because you are unable to resist the temptations of food then let’s explore what to keep in mind when taking supplements to help burn fats? While switching to a healthy nutritional plan and keeping an active lifestyle with yoga and exercise is the way to go for a long term shift, I’ve seen many women, including myself, who also choose to complement their fitness programs with supplements, but the issue remains: we simply don’t know what to look for and how to choose the right ones. 
Things to keep in mind before buying a weight loss supplement:
Before you decide to buy any weight loss supplement, let me tell you a few essential elements you need to keep in mind to choose the best one for you. And remember, everyone’s needs, bodies and goals are different so again, please do your research and consult with your nutritionist or primary care physician.
The safety of the supplement cannot be guessed through its packaging  nor its cost but rather by its ingredients. If a supplement product isn’t being completely transparent about all the ingredients included then you refrain from taking it, because what is there to hide if it is not harmful, right? Read the list carefully. In addition, it’s always a good idea to check the side effects of particular ingredients you aren’t familiar with. You might be surprised at how some ingredients can cause harm in the long term. 
The time and dosage of the supplement are extremely important. If you are taking a supplement high in caffeine then avoid taking it before bedtime because that would affect your sleep which in turn affects your health, mood and productivity. 
Top five weight loss supplements I have tried:
After you have kept the above-mentioned points in your mind, you need to pick and choose the supplement according to your requirement. Here is the list of the top five weight loss supplements I’ve tried and come to trust:
This medicine is for you if your goal is to specifically shed belly fat. It's made of natural ingredients and offers 90 days price back guarantee as well.
Do you want to achieve a set target? Then this pill can help you out, it is the best to opt for if your goal is to lose a specific weight (i.e lose 30lbs). It's made of ingredients that act as an appetite suppressor, burn fat, and boost your energy level so you reach your goal as soon as possible.
Trim tone:
This medicine is best for you in case you want to lose weight subtly. It has natural ingredients in it which help you stay energized and makes you feel full during meals.
Hourglass fit:
You cannot resist the temptations of delicious cakes or desserts? Well, an hourglass product will make you fit and healthy by suppressing your cravings and help you lose weight. This is the best pill that acts as an appetite suppressant.
Powher cut:
This pill allows you to stay active and boosts your energy so that you can exercise well. Its ingredients are all labeled clearly so they have got nothing to hide.

How the process of weight loss varies from men to women:

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is difficult to lose weight for women compared to men. The reasons behind this difference may be biological or behavioral. Moreover, metabolism and muscles are two important factors that play a vital role.
As far as muscles are considered, it is known that muscles burn calories and not fats, as males have more muscle mass in their body it is typically easier for them to lose weight as compared to women. Besides this, the metabolism rate of males is also much faster than females.
Men are inclined to lose weight at a much faster rate because the exercise patterns also vary. They lift heavy weights to boost their muscles as well as metabolic rates and therefore lose weight quickly while on the other hand females tend towards cardiovascular exercise which does not involve muscle work out.
Besides these factors, there are hormonal changes as well that make the difference. It's scientifically proven that after a female works out ghrelin increases while leptin drops in their body. However, these hormonal changes are not observed in the male's body. 
In addition to it, genetic factors are of undeniable importance. You cannot go against your roots. Due to genetic transmission, your body acquires a specific shape and it is likely impossible to change it. Therefore, all these reasons make it difficult and complex for women to lose weight as compared to men. 

Side effects of weight loss supplements:

If you are using natural weight loss pills then the side effects would be mild in nature and temporary. In case your pill includes stimulants, you might feel insomnia, and experience high blood pressure. Therefore, in order to avoid long-term effects do not take a pill for more than three months if it features stimulants. 
Orlistat, on the other hand, might cause short-termed effects including gassiness or stoles however, keep one thing in mind that side effects might vary from person to person. What works worked for you does not necessarily work for others as well, therefore avoid prescribing or recommending supplements to others based on just your experience.
Ladies, you know in your mind that there is no magical pill that can help you lose weight without doing the necessary work to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Along with taking these supplements, you need to improve your diet and increase your activity levels to ensure the best results. 


Daria Brown