Thanks, Michelle, for solidifying Blackness returning as the center stage of good American life, as it was, your dark, bold complexion that made white America’s silent conniption show up in the donald trump era (note, he is lowercased for a reason: his low-life behavior cannot be upheld to a standard. As you can see, humanity cannot sustain it, it brings death).
Michelle Obama continued that classic, American tradition of long coats, hair, and the effervescent “Mom lifestyle.” Her style was unique and still traditional, and her hair was disarming—uh, permed. Even in this way, Mrs. Obama was still a threat to the white community, mainly because of her starkly different complexion and maybe her height and weight. Not to mention, this phenomenal woman was a lawyer, an avid purporter of the law, so she was an upstanding member of her community, her family, and obviously, her wardrobe.
Thus, to dare to be Black was something that was not in her control. I have to say that I saw them relenting only because they had to...what could they do—here he was—God—beautiful, outrageou— all the things that they would love to be—but simply forbidden because of her Blackness, for she knew their shame. They knew that she knew, fueling their rage until it burst into a hatred for a beautifully guarded woman—for Hilary Clinton also—and for Blackness, something that cannot be controlled. Obviously, Michelle was God's, and they were fearful, for in their grab for a trump, they didn't anticipate that his success meant a hellhole for a whole lot of people—mostly themselves.
Michelle Obama’s rich, dark complexion was like coffee, and it gave some the jitters too! In a stately manner, that complexion was a match for success, as the Obamas are a beautiful set; the more beauty, the younger they go, so they really were and became upstanding ideals for many.
Also, Michelle did everything that I would have done with her position. She focused on a life all around her by devoting herself to her family, children, a garden, and more. She never got in her husband’s way, and it takes a special kind of couple to accomplish that on the public work-stage!
Moreover, Michelle was sharp and bright. Though she was dubbed as untouchable i.e., it was hard to get media appointments with her, she offered much by way of facial expressions that were hilariously knowing times. At others, she was inscrutable—as she should have been because she's the leader's wife and it is disrespectful to ogle her just to find out her private thoughts, and she is a good woman, as "what are you looking at me for," must've been lurking in her back pocket at times, but sadly, never overtly used.
Sadly, all of this brightness was only valued as Michelle was out of the door. It is as if it was a performance, and that was the applause at the end. Who knows what more she could have done because praise is well-known as a positive motivator of good things?  Praise us while we are doing well people, God steps in and opens doors for everybody!
Likely, it would be good for Kamala Harris to get some regular love from the people as she pays us the same in return, currently. Kamala too is vibrant, educated, and basking on the world-stage that Michelle set:  “we’re here to look good, and we’re not here to play, because we’ve got a whole lotta, lotta children to feed!” (For any white persons reading this, this is the constant mantra of a Black person and/or immigrant: “We’re not here to play, we’ve got a whole lotta, lotta, lotta, lotta children to feed!” Some may not be conscious of it, but it is there, calling to us as we rush to ensure that our families eat from the gorgeous well of life prepared for us all by the God of the earth).
We’re here to look good, and we’re not here to play, because we got a whole lotta, lotta children to feed!
We’re talking about the children of the world that white media does not like to portray because these beautiful images are jarring; they depict hardworking people, images that don’t evoke warm smiles but a silent, knowing existence; images that say that “it’s hard on you and my helpless feelings make me want to avoid seeing you so I’ll create a world in which I don’t see you but yet you exist;” we all have those images that evoke such feelings.   2020 was the knowing clash of this fight as we all learned the outcome of such an existence. 
We would AGREE that we are not going back there! More love and whites beware, we have a NEW mantra, “Never again. Forward movement!” Our pain has overflowed, and we’re breaking; more of us need help, counseling, etc.; humanity survives only because of it. We’re fighting for our lives as the media so painfully dictates, and we’re ALL awakened by it. It’s Blacks that keep life sweet: food, music, culture, government, etc., so we need to live. Y’all can continue mooching off of us—on our terms.  But get out of our way because we’ve got a whole lotta children to feed!