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Help! I Want to Sue my Doctor!

Dear Armchair Psychologist,I was recently prescribed the wrong medication from my doctor that is a very bad drug with serious side effects! Again this was the wrong medication. The office claimed that it was the pharmacy's mistake. Luckily nothing bad happened to me, and I caught it! Is there a lawsuit here? I'm not quick to try and sue somebody, but it could have cost me my life! What should I do?- Vex

Dear Vex,

I am sorry you experienced this mishap. Luckily, you didn't ingest the medicine and stayed safe. Whether you should sue or not is entirely up to you, and you should probably consult an attorney about this. If you feel slighted or perturbed, I would recommend you meet with your doctor to understand what went wrong and why? My opinion is that medicine is a
and sometimes errors occur. Because you weren't injured, and provided the doctor didn't intentionally try to cause harm with negligence, I think it would be wise to let it go. If you otherwise find yourself anxious, you might want to discuss these feelings with a qualified therapist.

- The Armchair Psychologist

Help! My Girlfriend is a Scaredy Cat!

Dear Armchair Psychologist,My girlfriend gets scared at night when I'm not around. I know, I know, it sounds weird but she really gets terrified. There's a security system she can turn on, which will send out alerts and make a hellish noise if someone gets in but that's not enough. She claims a dog would make her feel better but dogs are a lot of work and all our plants died under her watch. I know I'll be the one who gets stuck being on dog duty quite a bit of the time. I plan on adding new doors and more security, but I think this is more psychological and probably requires therapy more than a double deadbolt. Any thoughts?- NoBabysitter

Dear NoBabysitter,

I could have sworn my own boyfriend wrote this? We moved from the secure NYC lights to a shaded, forest area and I hear the animal kingdom in full effect at night. I don't find it one bit strange that your girlfriend should feel scared at night and, after all,
she's all alone
. I wish I had a dog as well, which would inevitably ease my fearsome, lonesome self, but I'm simply not home enough. Although you are right to believe that your girlfriend's fears aren't rational, you are wrong to dismiss them and your fatherly tone is a bit worrisome. She's expressed to you that no amount of security systems will make her feel safe and that a dog would do the trick. Adopt a more compassionate approach, sit down, and discuss the prospect of (and your concerns about) having a dog. Come to an agreement, like honorable adults, and explain that the dog is her responsibility alone and take it from there. If you find that she falters, it's time to revisit your arrangement. I also recommend that you don't buy more plants.

- The Armchair PsychologistNeed more armchair psychologist in your life? Check out the last installment or to get some advice of your own!


Ubah Bulale