BTC's incredible rise and fall have left many wondering what has caused the fantastic cryptocurrency to change its fortunes so fast. The question is made more pressing because the decentralized nature of Bitcoin makes it just impossible to understand the true impact of the developments. With that in mind, you must consider some essential factors that can have contributed to the phenomenon.

Why Is the Market So Volatile?

First and foremost, the rapid influx of investors into Bitcoin likely caused extreme swings in value. As more and more people invested in Bitcoin, the value of the currency rose accordingly. Unfortunately, this influx of investors could have been overwhelmed by too many inexperienced traders looking to make quick profits, which in turn caused the market to crash and burn. Another factor that must be considered is the instability of Bitcoin's underlying technology. Cryptocurrency mainly relies on the distributed ledger, the blockchain, which is updated regularly. Unfortunately, several bugs and issues can arise within the system that could cause massive fluctuations in value. This can cause confusion and panic among traders and investors, contributing to further market volatility.

Can Bitcoin Crash Once Again in 2023?

A new set of investors, large institutions and corporates hold the opposite view on Bitcoin and believe that BTC may fall short. They also considered it one major "bull trap" instead of the "bull run". Rising interest rates, as well as tighter monetary policy, won't allow Bitcoin to rebound very sharply shortly. In this type of uncertain market, investors will prefer something other than investing and buying risky assets like Bitcoin. Those holding bitcoin may sell the positions, thus again creating undue pressure on the markets. 
Demand may increase as the project awareness grows and utility increases. The huge acceptance of cryptocurrency as a proper investment increases the demand whereas effectively restricting the circulating supply. So, when institutional investors started buying or holding Bitcoin in 2021, the Bitcoin price increased considerably as its demand outstripped the current rate in which the new coins were made, effectively lowering the total supply of the Bitcoin.

How Must Investors Approach Bitcoin?

With these varied predictions over Bitcoin, what must be the approach of a crypto investor? With this uncertainty, it's the best time to observe Bitcoin move carefully instead of taking other actions that may lead to losses. Even the crypto industry professionals believe that it's the wait-and-watch mode for the crypto investors or that further action should be taken carefully. 
The regulatory landscape around cryptocurrency can have a massive impact on Bitcoin's value. Many countries have taken a strong stance against cryptocurrency, particularly regarding taxes. Depending on the specifics, these regulations can drastically change the market's confidence in the asset and could cause massive losses or gains. All of these factors should be considered while discussing the rise & fall of digital currency. From the influx of inexperienced traders to the instability of the underlying technology, many factors could have contributed to this massive change in fortune. Investors must remember these points if they hope to succeed in the volatile and ever-changing cryptocurrency markets. This is why we believe everyone should have some crypto somewhere--even if just $10-$20 worth may seem insignificant at first glance, but remember; every dollar counts when trying to build up savings over time!

Cryptos Are The Future

Cryptos are here to stay, and they will replace fiat currency in a few years, perhaps even within the next decade. When someone buys crypto coins, for example, $100 worth of bitcoin, then what happens next? Well, after some time goes by and the price goes up by 10%, then this person can sell his bitcoin at $110 instead of buying again (or trading) because he knows where all his money had gone over those years since he started investing in crypto back in 2010 when prices were much lower than now! Cryptos are also the future of money. Cryptocurrencies are currently an alternative to traditional banking methods but can be used just as quickly for everyday purchases like coffee or groceries. Some experts predict that cryptocurrencies will eventually become so popular that people will stop using cash altogether! Cryptos may not be around forever, but there's no doubt about it--they're here now!
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