The Earth is a beautiful place to be, from gorgeous greenery to deep oceans - there is so much to be appreciated and explored. But, sadly due to our own fault, we as people have created irreversibly to damage our Earth. Many factors are there to blame, but instead of just ranting about them we should work on the solution instead. 
By changing your habits and educating others to do the same - there is a chance to recover the planet from the inevitable pollution! If one person starts doing environmentally friendly things, it’s a small step in the right direction! Here are some practical steps you can take to fight plastic pollution!

Use Reusable Items

We’ve all been guilty of buying endless amounts of plastic water bottles during the summer seasons, but does it ever cross our minds where most of that plastic goes? The Earth is going to face catastrophic consequences because of it, and the oceans that are overflowing with plastic waste are already suffering. To lessen the plastic waste in the world, try to buy as little plastic as you can. Most importantly try to use reusable items! Especially reusable water bottles, so you don-t have to contribute to further pollution. The same goes for plastic bags, always have a tote bag with you when you go to the supermarket!

Buy Items Made of Natural Materials

Another pro tip on how to be more eco-friendly is to buy items that are made from natural materials, especially those that have packaging made from biodegradable materials. Experts from Pacific Spirit state that replacing plastic use in products can help the environment quite a bit. The consumer industry is one of the leading contributors to the plastic waste and pollution of the world, so you must fight against it! The good thing about those products is, that they are non-toxic, for both you and the Earth! So you can still enjoy lots of products, whilst not polluting the planet, it-s a win-win situation!

Shop Second-hand

If you are used to buying online or going to the mall, spending lots of money on items you’ll probably use once or twice before forgetting about them..well you are indirectly polluting the Earth! Some items you just simply need and that-s okay whilst others can be found in other ways, like shopping in second-hand stores or flea markets. This way you can lessen the plastic waste that comes from lots of different packaging and tags. Also, if you really want to buy new clothes or other things, make sure you support eco-friendly brands while you are at it!

Buy in Bulk

Being yero-waste can be pretty hard,e especially when it comes to buying in supermarkets. Lots of items come in small, plastic packages and you can’t avoid getting them - or can you. Buying in bulk is a great way to reduce plastic usage, you can bring your own jar or reusable baggy and put your items in that. While you buy in bulk. Single serving products are extremely wasteful, especially if the company doesn’t state that the packaging is biodegradable, and in most cases, it isn’t. If you must buy a product, try getting the bigger packaging instead of multiple small ones, this can reduce the waste a little bit.


This is an obvious one, but not a lot of people actually practice this - as much as recycling is well known, not a lot of people know how to do it properly! The sad truth is only a small percentage of plastic is actually being recycled, even if the initial purpose was to recycle it. In order for the plastic to get recycled properly, it needs to be prepared for recycling by being cleaned and later placed in the right container. Mixing multiple materials like glass, paper, and plastic isn’t a good idea as different materials are being recycled in different ways. So be careful when doing so!


Since oceans and shores are filled with plastic, people all over the world are trying to help as much as they can. Many environmentalist groups have gathered and started cleaning the shores and the surface levels of oceans all by themselves, You can actually participate as a volunteer and help the good cause. This kind of battle won’t be an easy one to win, but if everyone chimed in to help, maybe we have a chance if all of us try. 
It-s hard to snap out of it and take the truth for what it is, we are killing our planet. Even if you are used to doing some of the harmful things as they are deemed normal, it-s time for a reality check! You don-t have to throw away your old way of living, instead, try to incorporate an eco-friendly lifestyle into your day-to-day routine and see how it goes. We only have one planet Earth and we need to fight for it!


Daria Brown