I get bored easily. I love the variety in exploring different experiences from exotic food to unusual travel spots. True to my nature, I also crave a variety in my workouts. Prior to March 2020, I frequented everything from boxing studios to Core Power Yoga. I was also a few months into a training schedule for my first half marathon; I had been running around Lake Merritt, a popular spot for many in Oakland.
After the shutdown of fitness facilities, my activity levels really took a hit. I continued running but soon city restrictions on outside gatherings and spaces eliminated my runs at the lake as an option. I remember being so frustrated with the interruption of my schedule and with that frustration came an increase in my other loves: eating and baking. The quality of my diet has always been tied to activity level so as you can guess, things went downhill in a pair of sweatpants from there. 
When I’m at my fittest, my desire to eat junk food is almost non-existent. In this weird time, I found myself baking all sorts of cookies and ordering family-sized boxes of Cheetos and Nutter Butters from Amazon—behaviors which are very uncharacteristic of me. Eventually, I started to feel like my health was in decline. I was sluggish, fidgety, and just feeling unwell overall due to a poor diet and limited physical activity.
At that point, I decided to take action and invest in a Peloton bike. My decision to purchase a Peloton arose for a few reasons. Firstly, I’m a sucker for elegant design and beautiful branding. Peloton checks those boxes! Secondly, several months before most knew anything about coronavirus, I came across a Peloton pop-up in our local mall in San Francisco. I went in out of curiosity but quickly dismissed it as an option because I already had my fitness routine and couldn't quite justify the use case for a spin bike in my home. 
Fast forward to the end of April. I placed my order and patiently (and excitedly) waited for it to arrive. The delivery was scheduled for late June, which would have been disappointing except with the order placed, I was instantly able to access the classes online and on my smart TV. Suddenly I had everything from yoga to bootcamp classes—plenty of options to keep me busy and distracted from constantly checking my delivery tracking number.
Once June came along, the wait was well worth it. My bike arrived on a Saturday morning fully assembled with an awesome female duo who delivered it to my front door. Like all spin bikes, there are roller wheels in the front so getting it into my unit was a breeze. With a simple plug into the power outlet and set up on the bike console, I was ready to ride! 
I was blown away and continue to be awed by the Peloton experience. The quality of the bike, instructors, classes, and music are exceptional. Two of my favorites are Alex Toussaint and Chelsea Jackson Roberts. Alex pumps me up and gets me through some difficult rides so that by the end I feel like I can do anything. Chelsea brings me back to earth through her yoga practice and leaves me with a more limber body and an immeasurable feeling of peace and calm in my spirit.
There are so many to choose from and the fun is they are all a click away.  You can also customize your rides based on music genres and duration to name a few. Also, if you desire an instructor-less ride, they offer a library of scenic ride options such as trails through New Zealand’s countryside.  Every time, I get off of my bike knowing that my time was well spent. 
Please keep in mind that I am in no way paid or compensated in any way for this endorsement of Peloton. I’m simply a fan of a great product who is grateful for the ability to maintain some semblance of normalcy in this very abnormal time. I’m also grateful for the fact that in spite of the canceled half marathon, I’m able to stay physically and mentally strong to weather the storm.
Whether it’s Peloton or another platform, to get through this quarantine life we all need to find our own way of coping so that we come out on the other end healthy and strong. Peloton’s programs helped me shift out of my adult onesies and idle mindset, and back to a space of physical energy, mental clarity, and empowerment. I hope you are also able to create your own wellness oasis within your home.


Aji Oliyide