As a business leader, it is important that you look after the office space and ensure that it is kept organised and efficient. Organisation is something that is linked to productivity, a recent poll has proven this as 75% of respondents agree that both a clean desk and a clean office helps them to be more productive. If you are noticing that productivity and motivation are currently lacking in your business, it could be that the office is not properly organised and therefore workers are finding it hard to work. So, if this is the case, then here are our 5 tips that you can use as a business leader to organise the office space.

Invest In Good Organizational Equipment

One of the first things you can do to improve the organisation of your office is to invest in some good organisational equipment. There is so much out there that can make organising your workplace easier, you just need to know what will work best for the space you have. If your office doesn’t have a lot of floor space, then it is easy for clutter to build up as there is nowhere to properly store or organise your files. Investing in some good organisational equipment like these slim shelving units from The Workplace Depot could be a great addition to your office as they can easily store away important files or documents. 
If your business deals with a lot of paper files, you need to have somewhere to store everything to access it easily. Shelving units are a good idea in this scenario as they do not take up too much floor space, but they offer a lot of storage space. It could be a good idea to look around your office and see what things could be filed away, instead of being left out as clutter. Doing this will give you the opportunity to reorganise and means you can shred any old files or documents that are no longer of use. You could even make it a team effort and ask everyone to do their bit to organise the files around the office. A tidy storeroom is going to benefit the whole team as it will mean that people can access documents when they need to, and they won’t be rushing around trying to find something important.

Be Eco-Conscious

Another thing you could do to improve the organisation of your office is to be eco-conscious. There are many definitions of eco-friendly, but the overarching definition is doing things that reduce your environmental impact on the world. Being eco-friendly has become something of a buzzword, but that doesn’t make it any less important. It is a good idea to try and be as sustainable as we can in our everyday life, and the office is included in that. Being more eco-conscious is good for the environment, but it could also make your office a much more organised space. 
Within the office, try and put separate bins for recycling and normal waste in place so that everyone can properly tidy up after themselves. Often, the kitchen area in an office can become extremely messy, so having things in place like recycling bins could help to keep the area a bit tidier as people are less likely to pile things on the kitchen side. Another eco-friendly tip that could help keep your office organised is to reduce paper usage or go paperless completely. Paper can easily clutter up an office space, so just by reducing the amount of paper you use, you could be helping to keep your workplace organised and tidy.

Ensure Employees Look After Their Own Space

The next thing you can do to organise the office better is to ask employees to look after their own space. If your employees are consistently working at a messy office, then they may be less productive as the clutter can keep them from concentrating. As a business leader, it would be a good idea to encourage your employees to look after their own space so the office as a whole can be tidier. 
Make sure that every office cubicle has its own small bin so that your employees can properly tidy and clean their desks. Perhaps offer around the office cleaning supplies like anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitiser so that everyone can ensure their desk is hygienic and Covid safe. It could be a good idea to speak with your employees first and ask them what they need to organise their own desks. It may be that their desk is so messy because they don’t have anywhere to properly store the stuff they need. Consulting with your employees can be beneficial for everyone as it will mean that people can start to organise their desks and be more productive. This article gives a handy list of some of the best desk organisers, so you could ask your employees to look through it and choose the ones that would work best for them.

Have Covid Precautions In Place

As many offices open their doors again after the period of working from home, it is important to consider what things can be done to ensure Covid precautions are in place. Keeping the office Covid safe is important for everyone working, and it can make the transition from remote working to office work a bit easier. Not only this, but having some sort of Covid precautions in place could help to make your office a bit more organised. 
If you are slowly making the transition back to working in the office, then it could be a good idea to adopt a hybrid work model. The hybrid work model dictates that employees split their time between the office and remote work, so they have a balance. This could work in your office as you could create a rota so that some employees are remote working at the beginning of the week, while others are in the office at the beginning of the week. This will mean that your office will not be over-crowded, which can make employees more productive and enhance Covid safety. 

Delegate Tasks

As a business leader, delegating tasks is part of your role. Delegating roles are essential in an office environment as it helps to keep everyone organised and focused on their work. When leading a business environment, you need to ensure that you are aware of the skill set of everyone so that you can delegate task efficiently. 
A big part of being an effective leader is knowing your staff and knowing what they do best. Once you have an understanding of the individual skills and preferences of your team, you can start assigning tasks better so that the work produced is of a higher quality. Delegating tasks can help to keep your office organised as it means that everyone is kept busy with work, and they can enjoy the tasks they are set. Additionally, once you understand your staff better, you can work out which employees work best together and assign group tasks to them. Teamwork is a really effective way to keep a workplace organised as it allows tasks to be completed quicker and more efficiently. 


Sophie H.