Online security is one of the hottest talking points in business right now and it seems like a new breach or scandal hits the headlines every single week. As a business owner, your web design strategies must make this a priority.
The basic concept of protecting your website has remained the same. It focuses on keeping unauthorised people out of the website’s backend so that it can protect valuable files and data while also preventing malicious attacks on the site. However, the role of cybersecurity in web design has evolved alongside the changing online landscape. 
If your business does not adapt, it will be left in a vulnerable position that could cost you dearly. 

Why Website Security Matters

Website security has always been important but has carried an even greater significance since the explosion in eCommerce popularity. Consumers are increasingly aware of the threats associated with supplying their personal info and payment details. For this reason, as well as the financial and legal repercussions that follow a breach, it’s vital that you master security.
For further insight into the dangers currently surrounding businesses and their users, check out these statistics;
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Furthermore, your website security is one of the key factors that will influence your website’s SEO ranking. So, for the sake of web presence, credibility, and protection of company and client files, your web design cannot ignore the need for optimal security.

How to Improve Your Website Security

In addition to the above stats, we’ve all heard about businesses that could not recover. In fact, 60% of small businesses close within six months of a large-scale breach. As such, now is the time to focus on improving website security with a robust strategy. Thankfully, there are several routes you can take to ensure that your site and business are suitably protected.
While it is impossible to rule out cyberattacks completely, the following steps will help you reduce them to a minimum.

Hire an agency

The role of web design and IT management has grown at a rapid pace. For many companies, their domain is the ultimate marketing tool as well as a source of direct sales and customer care. Therefore, hiring a dedicated web design agency that specialises in the field is the right choice for many businesses. For starters, it delivers peace of mind because you know that you’ll have the right people on the job.
Top experts will create a website that is designed to reduce the risk of breaches by implementing the right security tools to stop everything from attempted log-ins to DDOs attacks. Moreover, it gives you the best shot at identifying any successful breaches before the damage can escalate. Given that the situations are constantly changing, trying to stay on top of the challenges through DIY methods could prove impossible.

Know your web host and site features

Choosing a suitable web host should be one of the fundamental features every site owner does. A good web host may provide Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), SiteLock, FTP Use, Rootkit Scanner, and file backup facilities. As well as the security of your site, you need to consider the upload guarantees. When your site is regularly hit with downtime, it makes people worry about its security - even if there are no risks.
As for website design features, it’s important to use up to date tools and applications. Likewise, deleting unused WordPress widgets can quickly reduce the risk of attack. After all, 52% of attacks are linked to the WordPress plugins. Changing CMS settings, using multi-layer protection, and HTTPS are some of the other steps that can boost the security from inside your platform. 

Scan your website regularly

As mentioned, the time taken to identify and clean up a threat is often the biggest reason why cyberattacks are able to cause so much damage. Therefore, regularly scanning the website is one of the best ways to find potential vulnerabilities or breaches that have occurred. This allows you to contaminate them and get the website back up and running in style. Frankly, it should be considered a vital part of the website design process.
More than three-quarters of all businesses do not have a response plan in place. Regularly scanning your site and knowing what you’ll do should a problem surface will put you in a far stronger position. This is another reason why you may want to use a website design and security agency. They can also provide a full website audit that covers elements of security and a host of other features.

Invest in staff training

Whether you hire a web design and IT agency or have an in-house team, the importance of staff training is vital. Human error is responsible for 95% of all successful breaches. As such, you cannot ignore the fact that employees are your greatest risk. By ensuring that they are regularly trained on how to use all IT systems, including their backend web tools, is vital. This should extend to an education on the latest phishing scams and malware.
The staff training doesn’t only help eliminate attacks, but it makes workers take a more conscious approach. If you plan to maintain a Work From Home or Bring Your Own Device scheme, you must acknowledge the potential dangers. Ensuring that their devices are equipped with the right firewalls and cybersecurity features like VPNs can make a world of difference. Crucially, the safety measures must be used by everyone.

The Final Word

Cybersecurity isn’t only one of the most important parts of website design. It is a central feature of running your business in general. By making a conscious effort to reduce the vulnerabilities, you will deliver better results for your clients, workers, and company in one fell swoop.
With online interactions and eCommerce growing by the month, there has never been a better time to upgrade your strategy.