Digital platforms have taken over the world of product and service advertising. The continuously increasing technological developments in the modern age make it seem like the best option for businesses to boost their sales. Every corporation seems determined to thrive throughout various social media platforms and many other digital alternatives. 
However, just because we live in the digital age does not mean that traditional advertising methods have lost their touch. It is not recommendable for companies to completely abolish conventional marketing techniques. Do not underestimate the fantastic results of these old-school advertising strategies that can immediately work the next day.

Handing Out Flyers

An online ad is a great strategy to entice customers into viewing your website. However, that is nothing compared to having a real, friendly, and lively person enticing customers for you. Handing out flyers creates a welcoming vibe for potential customers, helping you build a connection with them. 
A colorful and well-designed flyer can also help your local business to spread brand offers, promotions, sales, and events around the community. Just make sure that you create the right setup for your target audience. Try handing them out to customers that are not in a hurry to finish some errands. Otherwise, your flyer might just end up in the bin.


Honestly, who does not love a good discount? Coupons are a great way to entice potential customers in a specific area to visit your store. This method is exceptionally useful if you aim to target a particular place in your locally-focused business. Coupons that offer some great deals will never go out of style. 
Printed coupons are more beneficial than online coupon websites. The fees that you have to pay might do your business more harm than good. Also, a physical object is more convenient as they do not have to worry about downloading and printing digital coupons. Customers will more likely use coupons that are already handed to them and ready to use.

Hang Vinyl Banners

A large, vibrant-looking and beautifully designed vinyl banner will surely catch the attention of most people passing through the streets. Never underestimate the power of this old-school marketing technique. A sign or banner hung outside your establishment is a constant reminder of your presence. It tells people that you are always ready to accommodate them. The professionals who create these next day banners from stress that you need to plan the design of your banner carefully so that you do not need to change them from time to time. It also helps to have your banners ready to hand immediately to attract customers and leave a good first impression. 
Vinyl banners are durable and long-lasting, so you do not need to worry about multiple replacements throughout the year. Moreover, they give your store a good identity, especially if you choose a design that represents your brand perfectly. Plan your designs carefully and incorporate crucial elements that will make your business stand out.

Branded Items

Put up your brand logos on tote bags, ballpoint pens, and other items that anyone can use to spread awareness of your business. Get instant brand recognition by encouraging your customers to promote your brand for free. For instance, school clubs and other organizations tend to give away goodie bags for a variety of events. Think about all those students or individuals that can receive items with your brand on them. 
Think of desirable and practical items that you can use as a branded promotion to get people interested. Just think of Starbucks and how successful their tumblers, tote bags, and planners have become. Some of their branded items are related to their products, keeping their customers highly interested in these branded items. 
Spreading the words has never been this easy when your items are in the hands of students and individuals. They can easily recognize your store by your logo. Although it does not translate to a direct purchase each time someone receives a branded item, it is a good and quiet strategy to spread the word around your business.

Loyalty Cards

Tap into the natural human behaviors of wanting to commit to achieving something with loyalty cards. This method is another excellent strategy to keep your customers coming back for more. Apply this technique with a simple card that gets stamped after each use. Add in a freebie or discount after a certain amount of visits. 
Cafes and other restaurants usually do this technique. Entrepreneurs can also practice it for a variety of services like beauty salons, cleaning services, spas, and many more. Just be creative with your offers and how you are going to sell them to your customers. Keep them coming back for more with this traditional yet utterly successful marketing strategy.

On-Street Promos

Admittedly, it is not anyone’s dream job to dress up as some odd-looking hotdog, cupcake, or whatever product it is that you have in mind. However, it is a great marketing technique to catch people’s attention and direct them to your store. Hire friendly-looking students and individuals to help you raise brand-awareness amongst passers-by. 
Increase your chances of getting walk-in customers by catching their attention. Make sure that your promos are hard to ignore. You should plan your schemes carefully and help your brand build a good reputation. However, do not be impatient, as it will pay off after some time. Have some wacky sign spinners or creative yard signs and never underestimate the power of amusement in marketing.

Word of Mouth

Online reviews are an excellent way to build a fantastic reputation and encourage potential customers to put their trust in your business. However, hearing about a useful review from the mouth of their friends, peers, and family members will undoubtedly convince them about your quality products and services.
People will most likely trust the referrals of people they know rather than some anonymous review left by someone online. Be consistent with your work and quality to keep your customers happy. They will definitely share their great experiences with their friends, workmates, and family.
Build a good reputation and be fair to your customers. Remember, they are the ones who will lead you to success. A business with unhappy customers will most likely die down after some time. Whereas, if you keep your brand in a good light, you will keep attracting more and more customers and have them come back to receive the same great experience.


Clara Rose